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Zombie Apocalypse: The Origin by Michael K. Clancy

In “Zombie Apocalypse: The Origin” by Michael K. Clancy, the human race finds itself facing an unimaginable threat. Following an accidental infection by the Z-Factor virus, Colonel Jack Crown, M.D., and Dr. Benjamin Lieber must navigate through chaos and hordes of zombies in a race against time to find a cure. As the virus continues to spread, hope rests on the shoulders of Dr. Lieber and his team, including Jack’s fiancé, Dr. Grace Waters. Along the way, they discover a glimmer of hope in the form of a genetic anomaly possessed by Mark Landi and his daughter, Claire. Expect an action-packed journey filled with suspense and a desperate fight for survival in Clancy’s thrilling novel.

Zombie Apocalypse: The Origin by Michael K. Clancy

Zombie Apocalypse: The Origin by Michael K. Clancy

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In “Zombie Apocalypse: The Origin” by Michael K. Clancy, a catastrophic event unfolds when Russian scientists accidentally infect the entire human race with the Z-Factor virus. The virus quickly spreads, turning people into flesh-eating zombies. As chaos ensues, a group of brave individuals, led by Colonel Jack Crown, M.D., and Dr. Benjamin Lieber, races against time to find a cure and save humanity.

Introduction of Z-Factor Virus

The Z-Factor virus, a result of a scientific mishap, proves to be highly contagious and deadly. As the infected individuals succumb to the virus, they transform into aggressive and cannibalistic creatures commonly known as zombies. The virus spreads rapidly through bites, scratches, or contact with bodily fluids, creating a dire situation for humanity.

Smuggling of Research

Dr. David Kohlberg, a virologist, realizes the severity of the situation and smuggles his research on the Z-Factor virus to his nephew, Dr. Benjamin Lieber, in Washington, D.C. Recognizing Ben’s expertise in virology, David hopes that he can find a cure and prevent the impending zombie apocalypse. This act of smuggling becomes a pivotal moment in the fight against the virus.

Summoning the Response Team

Understanding the urgency of the situation, Dr. Benjamin Lieber summons his response team, led by Colonel Jack Crown, M.D. Their mission is to analyze the research, understand the virus, and find a way to stop it from spreading further. The team consists of highly skilled and dedicated individuals who are determined to save humanity from the impending doom.

Observations at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital

Dr. Grace Waters, Jack’s fiancé and a medical professional, witnesses the horrifying effects of the Z-Factor virus firsthand at the Veteran’s Administration hospital in Washington, D.C. She notices deceased patients reanimating and turning into bloodthirsty zombies. Jack, aware of the danger, rescues Grace, and together they flee to the top-secret Virginia Outbreak Compound, where they believe they can find safety and continue their research.

Escape to the Virginia Outbreak Compound

The Virginia Outbreak Compound serves as a refuge for the survivors and a base for the research team. Jack and Ben, alongside other scientists and military personnel, establish a secure facility where they can study the virus and develop potential treatments. The compound becomes a pivotal location in the battle against the zombie apocalypse, offering hope and protection amidst the chaos.

Discovery of Genetic Anomaly

During their research, Jack and Ben stumble upon an unexpected discovery. They find that Mark Landi and his teenage daughter, Claire, possess a genetic anomaly that may hold the key to understanding the virus and potentially developing a cure. This revelation sparks excitement and renewed determination within the team, as they believe they are one step closer to saving humanity.

Arranging a Rendezvous

Realizing the importance of Mark and Claire’s genetic anomaly, Jack arranges a rendezvous to bring them safely to the Virginia Outbreak Compound. The journey is risky, as they have to navigate through a zombie-filled country plagued by chaos and devastation. However, the team remains resolute in their mission to secure Mark and Claire’s arrival, as their genetic anomaly could be the breakthrough they need.

Journey through the Zombie-filled Country

The team embarks on a treacherous journey, covering a distance of three hundred miles through a country overrun by zombies. They face constant threats and obstacles, with their lives hanging in the balance at every turn. Throughout the journey, the team must rely on their skills, resourcefulness, and courage to survive and push forward, as they are humanity’s last hope in the face of the zombie apocalypse.


“Zombie Apocalypse: The Origin” by Michael K. Clancy takes readers on a thrilling and action-packed journey through the origin of the catastrophic zombie outbreak. As the team battles against time, the relentless virus, and hordes of zombies, they strive to find a cure and save humanity from extinction. This captivating and suspenseful tale explores themes of resilience, teamwork, and the indomitable human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity. As the first book in the “Zombie Apocalypse Series,” it sets the stage for an epic battle between humanity and the undead.