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Whatcha Reading? September 2023, Part Two

In “Whatcha Reading? September 2023, Part Two,” the article highlights the diverse reading preferences of the contributors. Elyse delves into an intriguing romance novel called “Salt Kiss,” Sarah recommends a captivating book titled “Johannes Cabal the Necromancer,” and Shana explores an inspirational romance with a Quaker heroine. Additionally, Sneezy shares their experience of listening to a French baking podcast, while Lara finds herself immersed in Alice Coldbreath novels. Tara seeks focus through the audiobook “Deep Work,” and Susan delves into the gripping story of a girl discovering her queerness in 1950s San Francisco. With an array of book choices, the article invites readers to share their own current reads. So, whatcha reading?

Whatcha Reading? September 2023, Part Two

We’re wrapping up September with our second Whatcha Reading. We want to know what you’re reading to close out the month.

Whatcha Reading? September 2023, Part Two

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Currently reading ‘Salt Kiss’ by Sierra Simone

I’ve been knitting more than reading lately, but I did just start Salt Kiss by Sierra Simone. It’s a book that has caught my attention and I’m excited to explore the story further. Knitting and reading are two of my favorite hobbies, so finding the balance between them can sometimes be a challenge. Nonetheless, I always make sure to set aside some time to indulge in a good book.


Listening to ‘Johannes Cabal the Necromancer’

Struggling to get into it

Loving the Cabal series

Recommendation from KJ Charles

Intrigued by the plot

Terrific narrator for the audio book

I have been listening to a book that KJ Charles recommended on the podcast – definitely not a romance: Johannes Cabal the Necromancer by Jonathan L. Howard. The story follows Johannes Cabal, who has a year to collect 100 souls for the devil so he can get his soul back. It’s an unusual and intriguing storyline that has piqued my interest. Although I initially struggled to get into it, the narrator for the audio book has done a fantastic job in bringing the story to life. I must say that I am quite enjoying the Cabal series as a whole.

Whatcha Reading? September 2023, Part Two

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Just finished ‘A Match for Bernadette’ by Parker J. Cole

An inspirational romance with a Quaker heroine

Starting ‘Can’t Let Her Go’ by Kiana Alexander

I just finished A Match for Bernadette by Parker J. Cole. It’s an inspirational romance featuring a Quaker heroine, which is a genre I don’t typically read. However, it turned out to be exactly the easy and short read that I needed. I particularly appreciated the representation of women of color in mail order bride romances, which is a rare find. Now, to celebrate Sapphic September, I am starting Can’t Let Her Go by Kiana Alexander. I’m excited to delve into another romance novel and explore this new storyline.


Listening to ‘Papilles’ podcast by Léa Reverdy

Getting over vertigo

Not able to look at screens

Helps with dreams and boredom

Due to my recent bout of vertigo, I have been unable to look at screens for extended periods of time. This led me to seek out alternative forms of entertainment, and I stumbled upon the Papilles podcast by Léa Reverdy. The podcast is in French, and although I don’t understand most of what is being said, it has been a soothing and immersive experience. Listening to the podcast helps me relax, dream about cake, and combat boredom. It turns out, not being able to understand the language fully has a certain charm to it, as it keeps my dreams hazy and light, without triggering any feelings of nausea.

Whatcha Reading? September 2023, Part Two

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Losing herself in Alice Coldbreath novels

Hooked on alpha men who are humbled by love

I should be reading the next book for my international reading challenge, but lately, I find myself losing myself in Alice Coldbreath novels. There’s something captivating about the alpha male characters who are humbled by the power of love. Coldbreath has a way of crafting stories that draw you in and keep you hooked until the very end. I can’t resist the allure of these captivating stories and the deep emotional journeys they take me on.


Listening to ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport

Expecting it to be featured on the ‘If Books Could Kill’ podcast

I’ve been listening to Deep Work by Cal Newport. This book is specifically geared towards helping individuals improve their focus and productivity. I am expecting it to be featured on the ‘If Books Could Kill’ podcast in the near future, given the insightful and practical nature of its content. It’s always exciting to discover new books that can potentially enhance our work and personal lives, and I am hoping that Deep Work proves to be one of those gems.


Reading ‘Last Night at the Telegraph Club’ by Malinda Lo

Enjoying the queerness discovery in 1950s San Francisco

Feeling anxious due to Red Scare and Lavender Scare

I’m currently in the middle of Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo. This novel takes place in 1950s San Francisco and explores themes of queerness discovery. I am thoroughly enjoying the way the author depicts Lily’s journey of self-discovery in a time when being queer was deeply stigmatized. However, the backdrop of the Red Scare and Lavender Scare adds an additional layer of tension and anxiety to the story. It constantly feels like there’s an impending threat lurking in the background, which keeps me on the edge of my seat while reading.

So, whatcha reading? Let us know! We’re always on the lookout for new recommendations and interesting stories to immerse ourselves in. Happy reading!