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What are You Reading This Week — May 9, 2024

Happy May, everyone! I hope you’re getting nice weather where you are. We’ve been alternating between rain and sunny skies here — often on the same day — as spring is wont to do. Luckily, both rain and sun are reading weather.

This week, I shared some recommendations for task #10: Read a historical fiction book by an Indigenous author. I have a couple more recommendations you all added in the comments section that I’ll share below. I also have a picture of my dog Scrappy, for the pitbull fans here.

But first, I wanted to mention a project you should know about: the Pass the Hat project started by Erin Hattamer, which is matching influencers with families in Gaza to help raise money to get them to safety. One place to start is this GoFundMe to get Shahd and her newborn baby to safety. At the time of writing, they are so close to meeting their goal. This family has been matched to Sim Kern, a BookToker and author, who is holding giveaways for their book for those who donate. They’re doing these giveaways for a different family every week. The project is encouraging people to continue to donate even if the border is closed, so that families can get out as quickly as possible once they reopen.

Now that you’ve donated if able and shared this and other fundraisers, let’s talk about books.

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What have you been reading this week? Let’s chat in the comments!

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