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What are You Reading This Week — April 25, 2024

Every week, when I put together a Read Harder recommendation post, I’m balancing two goals. The most important one is to give you relevant recommendations, of course. But because this will also go up on Book Riot, I try to title and frame it in a way that will be relevant to a broader audience, too. So, this week I gave the task #9 post a sassy title: “Stop Asking TikTok for Book Recommendations and Start Asking a Librarian.” As I probably should have expected, people got very upset about this on Facebook. So, just to be clear: feel free to keep getting recommendations from TikTok! I’m a BookTok fan myself. Book Riot has several articles recommending BookTokers to follow, in fact. The title was a bit hyperbolic…though I do stand by my assertion that asking a librarian for recommendations is a better bet than asking TikTok.

Whew, now that I’ve cleared the air, let’s talk about what we’ve been reading this week! Have you checked off any tasks recently? Have you read anything you recommend?

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What have you been reading this week? Let’s chat in the comments!

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