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Ultimate X-Men First Look Reveals First ‘New Champion’ to Appear in a Comic

Marvel fans, get ready for an exciting new addition to the X-Men universe! Marvel’s latest announcement has revealed that Peach Momoko, a superstar comic book artist, will be writing and illustrating a brand-new X-Men comic book series called Ultimate X-Men. This new series is part of Marvel’s Ultimate line of comics, set to launch in January. But that’s not all – Marvel has also unveiled the first new character to join the team, Maystorm, who is part of Momoko’s “New Champions” lineup. Maystorm, originally designed as a cover character, will now make her debut as an actual comic book character. Get ready to dive into a thrilling world of action and adventure with the Ultimate X-Men!

Marvel’s New Ultimate X-Men Series

Introduction to Peach Momoko’s new comic book series

Marvel has announced an exciting new addition to their lineup of X-Men comic book series. The renowned comic book artist, Peach Momoko, will be writing and drawing a brand-new X-Men series as part of Marvel’s new Ultimate line of comic books. The series is set to launch in January and has already generated tremendous buzz among fans.

Launch of Marvel’s Ultimate line of comic books

As part of the launch of Marvel’s new Ultimate line of comic books, fans can expect fresh and innovative storytelling, along with stunning artwork from some of the industry’s most talented artists. The Ultimate line aims to reimagine and revitalize beloved characters and storylines, offering readers a fresh take on the Marvel Universe.

Ultimate Universe #1 sneak peek

To give fans a taste of what’s to come, Marvel has released a sneak peek of the new Ultimate Universe #1. This special prelude story sets the stage for the new series and introduces readers to some of the key characters and plotlines that they can expect to see in the upcoming Ultimate X-Men series.

Introducing Maystorm: The First New Champions Character

Maystorm’s debut in Ultimate X-Men #1

One of the most exciting aspects of Peach Momoko’s new X-Men series is the debut of a groundbreaking character called Maystorm. Maystorm first appeared in the variant covers series “New Champions” where Marvel’s top artists were tasked with designing young sidekick characters for Marvel superheroes. Momoko’s design for Maystorm caught Marvel’s attention, and the character has now made the transition from cover character to an actual comic book character in the new Ultimate X-Men series.

Origin of the New Champions concept

The New Champions concept was born out of Marvel’s desire to create dynamic and compelling sidekick characters that would bring a fresh perspective to the Marvel Universe. Each artist involved in the variant covers series was given the opportunity to design a character that could potentially serve as a young sidekick to a Marvel superhero. This unique initiative has allowed for the introduction of exciting new characters like Maystorm.

Peach Momoko’s design for Maystorm

The design for Maystorm, created by Peach Momoko, is a visually stunning and imaginative representation of a character who could potentially serve as a sidekick for Storm. Momoko’s attention to detail and unique artistic style brings Maystorm to life in a way that is both captivating and intriguing.

Marvel’s surprise approval of Maystorm’s inclusion

Marvel’s decision to include Maystorm as a member of the new X-Men team in the Ultimate X-Men series is a testament to Momoko’s talent and creativity. Initially intended only as a character for the New Champions variant cover program, Maystorm’s inclusion in the actual comic book series showcases Marvel’s recognition of the character’s potential and the excitement they have for bringing new and diverse voices to the Marvel Universe.

Armor: The Main Character of the New Series

Introduction to Armor

One of the main characters in the new Ultimate X-Men series is Armor, also known as Hisako Ichiki. Armor is a teenage girl who yearns for a normal life but finds herself thrust into the world of the X-Men due to her unique abilities. She provides readers with a relatable and compelling perspective as she navigates the challenges of being a mutant in a world that fears and misunderstands them.

Her role in Ultimate X-Men #1

Armor plays a central role in the first issue of the Ultimate X-Men series, setting the stage for the events to come. As a member of the new X-Men team, she brings her own set of abilities and experiences, enriching the dynamic of the group and adding depth to the overall storyline.

Design sheet for the Ultimate version of Armor

To give fans a glimpse of the Ultimate version of Armor, Marvel has released a design sheet showcasing her updated look. The design sheet, crafted by Peach Momoko, highlights the evolution of the character’s appearance and captures the essence of her unique powers and personality.

Preview of Ultimate X-Men Storyline

Disturbing dream sequence featuring Armor

The special prelude story in Ultimate Universe #1 offers a glimpse into Armor’s world and the challenges she faces. In a disturbing dream sequence, Armor pulls an armored creature out of her own head, hinting at the inner turmoil she grapples with and setting the stage for the conflicts to come.

Discovery of an armored creature

Upon waking up from her unsettling dream, Armor discovers an armored creature next to her desk. This unexpected encounter adds an element of mystery and intrigue to the storyline, leaving readers eager to unravel the secrets behind this discovery.

Bad grades and marked assignments

Armor and her friend, who appears to be Maystorm, both receive bad grades on their assignments, which are marked with big Xs. This symbolic imagery represents the challenges that mutants often face in society and hints at the larger themes of prejudice and discrimination that will be explored in the series.

General description of the new series

Ultimate X-Men promises to be an exciting and thought-provoking series that delves into the lives of a group of new and diverse characters, including Armor and Maystorm. Against the backdrop of a world grappling with the aftermath of the Ultimate Invasion, urban legends come to life, bringing with them strange and extraordinary powers. Readers can expect a fresh take on the X-Men mythos, coupled with compelling storytelling and breathtaking artwork.

Release Date and Source

Ultimate X-Men #1 set to come out on March 6th

Fans won’t have to wait much longer to dive into the thrilling world of the new Ultimate X-Men series. The highly anticipated first issue is scheduled for release on March 6th, offering readers the opportunity to immerse themselves in an exciting new chapter of the X-Men’s story.

Source: Marvel

For the latest updates and information about the Ultimate X-Men series, fans can turn to Marvel’s official website and social media channels. Marvel is committed to keeping fans engaged and informed about their upcoming releases, ensuring that readers can stay up to date on all the latest developments.

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Brian Cronin’s expertise in writing about comic books

When it comes to comic book journalism, few have the expertise and passion that Brian Cronin brings to the table. As a senior writer for CBR, Cronin has been writing professionally about comic books for over 15 years. His columns, including “Comics Should Be Good” and “Comic Book Legends Revealed,” have become a go-to source for fans seeking in-depth analysis and fascinating stories from the world of comics.

Contribution to CBR and other publications

Cronin has made significant contributions to CBR, but his work extends beyond the website as well. He has written two books about comics for Penguin-Random House, exploring the legends and trivia that make the medium so captivating. Additionally, his writing has been featured in prominent publications such as, the Los Angeles Times, the Huffington Post, and Vulture.

Books written by Brian Cronin

Fans of Cronin’s writing can delve even deeper into the world of comics with his published works. “Was Superman a Spy? And Other Comic Book Legends Revealed” and “Why Does Batman Carry Shark Repellent? And Other Amazing Comic Book Trivia!” offer readers a treasure trove of intriguing and little-known facts about their favorite superheroes. For X-Men enthusiasts, Cronin’s book “100 Things X-Men Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die” is an absolute must-read.

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