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Time to Shine by Rachel Reid

In “Time to Shine” by Rachel Reid, you’ll be swept away into the world of Landon Stackhouse, a hockey goaltender filled with anxieties, and Casey Hicks, a star winger who loves being around people. When Casey offers a spare room to Landon, their mismatched anxieties seem to cancel each other out, bringing them closer together. Despite the convenient resolution of their anxieties, their story is still filled with communication, steamy sex scenes, and an emotionally satisfying ending. Get ready to dive into this immersive romance where opposites attract and find solace in each other’s company.

Time to Shine by Rachel Reid

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Plot Summary

Landon’s call-up to the NHL

In “Time to Shine” by Rachel Reid, the main character, Landon Stackhouse, is a goaltender for a hockey team. He receives a call-up to play in the NHL as a backup goalie due to an injury. Landon is excited about this opportunity but also filled with anxiety.

Casey offering his spare room

Casey Hicks, a star winger on the team, notices Landon’s anxieties and offers him one of his spare rooms to stay in. Despite his own fear of being alone in the dark, Casey enjoys welcoming people and wants to help Landon feel more comfortable.

Anxieties and fears of Landon and Casey

Landon and Casey both have their own anxieties and fears. Landon struggles with anxiety before matches where he is the starting goalie, and he finds solace by meditating in the dark wearing an old goalie mask. On the other hand, Casey is scared of being alone in the dark and sleeps better when there is someone with him. Their anxieties seem to complement each other.

Character Analysis

Landon Stackhouse – the anxious goaltender

Landon Stackhouse is a character filled with anxiety. He is nervous before games and finds it difficult to fall asleep. He seeks comfort in meditation and wearing his old goalie mask. Landon’s anxieties add depth to his character and shape the dynamics of his relationships.

Casey Hicks – the welcoming winger

Casey Hicks is a star winger on the hockey team who enjoys connecting with people and making them feel welcome. Despite his own fear of the dark, Casey offers Landon a spare room to stay in. Casey’s warm and welcoming nature contrasts with his fear, showcasing his complex personality.

Comparison to Faf de Klerk

The character of Casey Hicks is likened to Faf de Klerk, a South African rugby player known for his bold and lively personality. The comparison suggests that Casey, like Faf, is unafraid to be himself and embraces his unique qualities.

Time to Shine by Rachel Reid

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Anxieties and Relationships

How Landon and Casey’s anxieties complement each other

Landon and Casey’s anxieties seem to complement each other. Landon finds comfort in the presence of others, while Casey is more at ease when he is not alone. Their matching anxieties create a sense of understanding and support between them.

Realism of anxiety portrayal

While the anxieties portrayed in the novel may seem overly convenient and easily resolved, they can still resonate with readers who experience anxiety. The characters’ struggles and coping mechanisms offer a relatable perspective on living with anxiety.

The role of communication in their relationship

Throughout the novel, Landon and Casey prioritize open communication, particularly during their intimate moments. Landon’s low sex drive and uncertainty about his sexuality are topics they discuss openly, creating a safe and understanding environment for both characters.

Sex and Consent

Landon’s low sex drive and self-discovery

Landon’s character explores his sexuality and discovers his attraction to men through his developing relationship with Casey. His low sex drive and lack of sexual experience add depth to the portrayal of his journey of self-discovery.

Consent and communication during sex scenes

The novel emphasizes the importance of consent and communication during intimate moments. Casey continually checks in with Landon to ensure that they are both comfortable and satisfied, leading to hot and enjoyable sexual encounters.

Absence of homophobia in the novel

Unlike other m/m hockey romances, “Time to Shine” does not include homophobia as a hurdle for the characters to overcome. This absence allows the story to focus on the developing relationship between Landon and Casey without unnecessary conflict.

Time to Shine by Rachel Reid

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Suspending Disbelief

The need to suspend disbelief regarding mental health issues

The portrayal of anxiety in the novel may require readers to suspend their disbelief, as Landon and Casey’s anxieties seem to conveniently cancel each other out when they are together. While this may not accurately reflect the experiences of individuals with anxiety, it adds a layer of escapism to the story.

Appreciation for an emotionally satisfying ending

Despite the need to suspend disbelief, the novel offers an emotionally satisfying ending. Readers can still enjoy the journey of the characters and find fulfillment in the resolution of their anxieties and their relationship.

Enjoyment of the characters despite the disbelief

While the portrayal of anxiety may not align with everyone’s experiences, readers can still find enjoyment in the characters of Landon and Casey. Their unique personalities and the dynamics of their relationship make them compelling and likable protagonists.

Overall, “Time to Shine” by Rachel Reid explores the anxieties and relationships of Landon, a goaltender, and Casey, a winger. The characters’ anxieties complement each other, and their open communication adds depth to their relationship. The novel navigates sex and consent with care and does not include homophobia as a hurdle for the characters. While some suspension of disbelief may be necessary regarding the portrayal of mental health issues, readers can still appreciate the emotionally satisfying ending and enjoy the characters’ journey.