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Time to Shine by Rachel Reid

In “Time to Shine” by Rachel Reid, hockey goaltender Landon Stackhouse is thrust into the NHL as a backup goalie, dealing with his own overwhelming anxiety. However, star winger Casey Hicks offers him a spare room and unexpectedly becomes his source of comfort. With their unique anxieties seemingly cancelling each other out, their bond grows stronger, leading to a heartfelt romance. While the ease at which they handle their mental health struggles may require some suspension of disbelief, the story offers an emotionally satisfying ending and showcases open communication, particularly during their intimate moments. Join Landon and Casey on their journey as they navigate their personal anxieties and find solace in each other’s arms.

Time to Shine by Rachel Reid

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Landon Stackhouse, a hockey goaltender

In the novel “Time to Shine” by Rachel Reid, the main character Landon Stackhouse is a talented hockey goaltender. He is called up to play in the NHL as a backup goalie due to an injury.

Casey Hicks, a star winger

Another prominent character in the book is Casey Hicks, a star winger on the team. He is known for his outgoing personality and enjoyability in talking to people. He offers one of his spare rooms to Landon since he will be staying in Calgary longer than expected.

Comparison to Faf de Klerk

Casey Hicks is compared to Faf de Klerk, a South African rugby player known for his celebratory antics after the 2019 Rugby World Cup. This comparison highlights Casey’s bold and lively personality.

Anxieties cancel each other out

Despite their contrasting personalities, Landon and Casey both struggle with anxiety. However, when they’re together, their anxieties seem to cancel each other out, providing relief and comfort.

Communication during sex scenes

The book portrays intimate scenes between Landon and Casey with a focus on communication. Casey consistently checks in with Landon to ensure consent and the two engage in open discussions about their preferences.

Suspension of disbelief required

While the book offers an emotionally satisfying ending, it requires readers to suspend their disbelief in terms of how the characters handle and manage their anxieties. Some readers may find this aspect unrealistic.

Emotionally satisfying ending

Despite the challenges and obstacles faced by the characters, the book concludes with an emotionally satisfying ending that leaves readers feeling fulfilled.

Author Background

Rachel Reid’s previous works

Rachel Reid is the author of several romance novels. While specific titles are not mentioned, her previous works establish her expertise and experience in the genre.

Writing style

Reid’s writing style in “Time to Shine” is engaging and captivating. She effectively creates emotional connections between the reader and the characters, drawing readers into their story.

Themes explored in her books

Reid’s books often explore themes of love, relationships, and personal growth. In “Time to Shine,” she delves into LGBTQ+ representation and mental health representation, offering a nuanced exploration of these topics.

Time to Shine by Rachel Reid

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Character Analysis

Landon Stackhouse

Landon Stackhouse is portrayed as a talented hockey goaltender. He struggles with anxiety, particularly before matches where he is the starting goalie. Landon finds comfort in meditation and wearing his old goalie mask to help calm his nerves.

Casey Hicks

Casey Hicks is a star winger on the hockey team and stands out for his outgoing personality. He experiences anxiety when alone in the dark, but finds solace when he is with someone else. Casey’s character adds depth and contrast to the storyline.

Plot Summary

Landon called up to NHL

Landon’s journey begins when he is called up to play in the NHL as a backup goalie due to an injury. This opportunity brings both excitement and anxiety for him as he faces higher levels of competition and pressure.

Landon staying with Casey

As Landon will be staying in Calgary longer than expected, Casey offers him one of his spare rooms. This sets the stage for their developing relationship and allows readers to witness their interactions and growing connection.

Development of their relationship

Throughout the book, Landon and Casey’s relationship evolves and deepens. They navigate the challenges of their respective anxieties while finding comfort and support in each other.

Obstacles faced by the characters

The characters in “Time to Shine” encounter obstacles that test their relationship. These include their anxieties, external pressures, and conflicts that arise both on and off the ice. Overcoming these challenges adds tension and depth to the plot.

Time to Shine by Rachel Reid

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Representation in the Book

LGBTQ+ representation

“Time to Shine” offers LGBTQ+ representation through the central relationship between Landon and Casey. The book explores their journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and love within the context of their sexual orientation.

Mental health representation

In addition to LGBTQ+ representation, the book also touches on mental health. Both Landon and Casey experience anxiety, and the story portrays their individual struggles and the impact it has on their lives.

Review and Critique

Appreciation for communication during sex scenes

One aspect of the book that stands out is the emphasis on communication during intimate scenes. Landon and Casey engage in open discussions about consent and their preferences, creating a positive and respectful portrayal of physical intimacy.

Difficulty in believing anxiety portrayal

While the book successfully explores anxiety, some readers may find it challenging to believe the level of relief the characters experience when they are together. The ease with which their anxieties seem to dissipate may require a suspension of disbelief for some readers.

Overall satisfaction with the book

Despite the potential disbelief regarding anxiety portrayal, “Time to Shine” provides an emotionally satisfying reading experience. The characters are likable, and the book offers a fulfilling conclusion that leaves readers content.

Time to Shine by Rachel Reid

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Similar Books and Recommendations

Other m/m hockey romances

For readers who enjoyed “Time to Shine,” there are other m/m hockey romances that may be of interest. These books often explore similar themes of love, sports, and personal growth within the LGBTQ+ community.

Books exploring mental health

Readers who appreciate novels that delve into mental health may also find interest in books that explore this topic. These books can provide further insight and understanding into the complexities of anxiety and its impact on individuals.


Final thoughts on ‘Time to Shine’

“Time to Shine” by Rachel Reid is a captivating romance novel that follows the journey of Landon Stackhouse and Casey Hicks. While some aspects may require readers to suspend their disbelief, the book offers an emotionally satisfying ending.

Recommendation for readers

For readers who enjoy romance novels with LGBTQ+ representation and an exploration of mental health, “Time to Shine” is a recommended read. Rachel Reid’s engaging writing style and compelling characters make for an enjoyable and immersive reading experience.