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Three Up at Convergent

In a recent memo released by Tina Constable, executive v-p and publisher of Penguin Random House imprints Convergent, Forum Books, Image, Ink & Willow, Multnomah, and WaterBrook, it has been announced that three staff members at Convergent have received well-deserved promotions. Derek Reed, who joined the Crown Publishing Group as an intern in 2011, has been promoted to the position of editorial director. Mathew Burdette, formerly an associate editor, has now been promoted to editor at Convergent. Lastly, Leita Williams, who joined Convergent as an editorial assistant in 2021, has risen to the role of associate editor. These promotions highlight the commitment of Convergent to publishing top-notch religious nonfiction that explores new perspectives and fosters connection within diverse faith communities.

Three Up at Convergent

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Derek Reed Promoted to Editorial Director

Derek Reed, a member of the Crown Publishing Group since 2011, has been promoted to the position of editorial director at Convergent, one of Penguin Random House’s imprints. As an editor, Reed has played a crucial role in establishing Convergent as a leading destination for impactful religious nonfiction. In his new role, he will continue to build upon the imprint’s success by acquiring books from top thinkers and changemakers that explore new ways of being in the world. Reed will now report directly to Tina Constable, the executive vice president and publisher of Convergent.

Mathew Burdette Promoted to Editor

Mathew Burdette, who previously held the position of associate editor, has been promoted to editor at Convergent. Burdette’s promotion recognizes his exceptional work in acquiring books that delve into the challenges, promises, contradictions, and legacy of faith in contemporary life. His acquisitions span a wide range of genres, including memoirs, books on spirituality and emotional well-being, self-help, social history, social commentary, and comedy. Burdette will now report to Derek Reed, the newly appointed editorial director of Convergent.

Three Up at Convergent

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Leita Williams Promoted to Associate Editor

Leita Williams, who joined Convergent as an editorial assistant in 2021, has been recognized for her exceptional contributions and has been promoted to the position of associate editor. Williams will be responsible for acquiring memoirs, essays, creative nonfiction, and poetry for Convergent. Her acquisitions will focus on candid and redemptive storytelling that celebrates human connection, inspires creativity, and showcases the diverse intersection of faith and culture. In her new role, Williams will report to Derek Reed, the editorial director of Convergent.

Expansion of PRH’s Faith-Based Imprints

Penguin Random House has demonstrated its commitment to faith-based publishing with the expansion of its faith-based imprints. In 2019, the company made four noteworthy hires: Keren Baltzer, Becky Nesbitt, Paul Pastor, and Porscha Burke. These additions to the team signaled PRH’s dedication to producing high-quality books that explore the intersection of faith and culture. The expansion of faith-based imprints ensures a diverse roster of authors and an even greater ability to serve readers seeking thought-provoking and inspiring religious literature.

Three Up at Convergent

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Keren Baltzer Named Associate Publisher of Zondervan Books

Keren Baltzer, one of the recent hires at PRH’s faith-based imprints, has been appointed as the associate publisher of Zondervan Books. This role places Baltzer at the helm of one of the most prominent and influential imprints in the faith-based publishing industry. With her extensive experience and expertise, Baltzer is well-equipped to lead Zondervan Books and further enhance its reputation for publishing impactful religious literature.

Becky Nesbitt Moves to Forefront Books

Another member of PRH’s faith-based imprints, Becky Nesbitt, has taken on a new role within the company. Nesbitt, who joined PRH as part of the expansion of the faith-based imprints, has transitioned to Forefront Books. This move allows Nesbitt to contribute her unique insights and editorial skills to a different imprint within the organization. Nesbitt’s expertise and contributions will undoubtedly help Forefront Books continue to thrive as a destination for compelling religious literature.

Promising Fiction Debuts This Fall

The fall season promises a delightful array of debut fiction from talented authors. These newcomers to the literary scene are poised to captivate readers with their unique storytelling voices and fresh perspectives. From gripping mysteries to heartwarming tales of love and friendship, these fiction debuts offer something for every reader. Stay tuned for these exciting releases and discover the next generation of literary talent.

Noteworthy Nonfiction Debuts This Fall

In addition to the exciting lineup of fiction debuts, the fall season also brings a host of noteworthy nonfiction releases. From thought-provoking memoirs to in-depth explorations of pressing social issues, these nonfiction debuts provide readers with a wealth of knowledge and insight. Prepare to be enlightened and inspired by these debut authors as they share their stories and expertise with the world.

Books to Make You a Better Writer

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting on your writing journey, there are always opportunities for growth and improvement. This collection of books is specifically curated to help you enhance your writing skills and become a more effective communicator. From guides on crafting compelling characters to mastering the art of storytelling, these books offer valuable insights and practical tips that will elevate your writing to new heights.

Excellent and Unexpected Jane Austen Homages

Jane Austen’s beloved novels continue to captivate readers worldwide, and her influence can be seen in various forms of media. This collection celebrates the remarkable legacy of Jane Austen through excellent and unexpected homages. From modern retellings to creative spin-offs, these books offer a fresh and imaginative take on Austen’s timeless stories. Dive into these captivating novels and rediscover the magic of Austen in new and unexpected ways.

By highlighting the recent promotions at Convergent and the expansion of PRH’s faith-based imprints, this comprehensive article showcases the company’s commitment to publishing impactful religious literature. Additionally, it provides readers with a glimpse into the exciting debut fiction and nonfiction releases of the fall season, as well as a curated selection of books to enhance their writing skills. Finally, it explores the enduring influence of Jane Austen through a collection of excellent and unexpected homages. Overall, this article serves as an informative and engaging resource for readers interested in the latest developments in the publishing industry.