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“The Rising Order” is a gripping tale that follows Flynn, a compassionate and resilient woman who works as a recruiter for Magnetic, a powerful telecommunications firm. Despite her success, Flynn remains connected to the outcasts and misfits of society, an empathy that is tested when she becomes a target in a deadly mass shooting orchestrated by REDS, a mysterious underground group. Saved by a familiar face from her past, Flynn finds herself abducted by Wolf, a former delinquent turned terrorist, who sees her as a valuable asset in his plan to infiltrate Magnetic. The story delves into deep conversations between Flynn and Wolf about their differing beliefs, creating an engaging exploration of ethics and extremism. With unexpected twists and a haunting cliffhanger ending, “The Rising Order” promises an immersive and thought-provoking read.


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Flynn – The protagonist

Flynn is a pretty waitress who, despite being successful and attractive, empathizes with outcasts and misfits. She works as a recruiter for Magnetic, a well-known telecommunications and technology giant based in Chicago. Flynn is known for her kindness and respect towards others, making her a beloved figure in her community.

Wolf – The antagonist

Wolf is an alienated, hate-filled delinquent who crosses paths with Flynn ten years ago. At that time, Flynn was the first person to show him kindness and respect. Over the years, Wolf becomes a member of REDS, a vast underground conspiracy of Nietzschean fanatics dedicated to the fall of society. Recognizing Flynn during a mass shooting and paramilitary attack, Wolf abducts her with the intention of using her as a means to infiltrate Magnetic and wreak havoc from within.

Plot Summary

Flynn’s chance encounter with Flynn

Ten years ago, Flynn has a chance encounter with Wolf, an angry lad filled with hate. Despite his delinquent nature, Flynn extends kindness and respect towards him, leaving a lasting impact on his life.

Flynn’s role as a recruiter for Magnetic

In the present day, Flynn works as a recruiter for Magnetic, using her position to find talented individuals who may be a good fit for the company. While successful in her role, she remains distant from the corporate organization men who make advances towards her.

Flynn’s involvement in the mass shooting and paramilitary attack

During a planned outing at Wrigley Field with her co-workers, Flynn finds herself caught in a horrific mass shooting and paramilitary attack orchestrated by REDS. The chaos and violence disrupt the peace she has found in her life.

Wolf’s recognition of Flynn and abduction

Amidst the chaos, Wolf, now a member of REDS, recognizes Flynn as the same person who had shown him kindness years ago. Driven by his twisted infatuation with her, Wolf defies REDS protocols and abducts Flynn, seeing her as a valuable asset to be used in his plan to infiltrate Magnetic.

Wolf’s plan to get hired by Magnetic

Convincing his superiors in REDS that Flynn must be kept alive, Wolf aims to use her to gain employment with Magnetic. By doing so, he believes he can unleash havoc on the company from within, ultimately aiding REDS in their mission to dismantle society.


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Kindness and respect

One of the central themes in the story is the power of kindness and respect. Flynn’s initial encounter with Wolf sets off a chain of events, ultimately leading to their connection and the subsequent abduction. The theme explores how acts of kindness can have a profound impact, even on those consumed by hatred.

Outcasts and misfits

Flynn’s empathy towards outcasts and misfits showcases her ability to see beyond societal norms. This theme delves into the idea that individuals who may be perceived as outcasts or misfits can hold unique perspectives and valuable contributions to society.

Ethics and merits of separate worldviews

The clash between Flynn and Wolf’s differing worldviews forms another important theme. Their conversations throughout the story highlight the ethical dilemmas and merits of their opposing beliefs. The exploration of these separate worldviews adds depth and complexity to the narrative.



The story takes place in the vibrant city of Chicago. Known for its rich history and diverse population, Chicago serves as the backdrop for Flynn and Wolf’s encounter, as well as the subsequent events that unfold.

Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field, the iconic baseball stadium located in Chicago, becomes a crucial setting during the mass shooting and paramilitary attack. The chaos and violence within this familiar location further heightens the tension and stakes of the story.


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REDS – The Underground Conspiracy

Introduction to REDS

REDS is introduced as a vast underground conspiracy comprised of mass murdering Nietzschean fanatics. The group operates in secrecy, remaining untraceable by law enforcement. Their extremist beliefs and dedication to the fall of society set the stage for the conflict within the story.

Goals and motivations

REDS’ ultimate goal is to bring about the downfall of society. Their motivations stem from a twisted ideology rooted in Nietzschean principles. The group operates with meticulous planning and a ruthless dedication to their cause.

Relationship between REDS and Wolf

Wolf’s involvement with REDS becomes a crucial part of the narrative. Having been taken in and groomed by the group, Wolf becomes a pawn in their larger scheme. As a member, he is subject to their rules and protocols, yet his personal feelings towards Flynn complicate the dynamics within the organization.

Flynn and Wolf’s Relationship

Initial encounter and connection

Flynn’s chance encounter with Wolf a decade ago forms the foundation of their relationship. In that moment, Flynn’s kindness and respect towards him left a lasting impression on Wolf. Their connection, though unorthodox, resurfaces during the mass shooting and becomes a driving force in the story.

Wolf’s abduction of Flynn

Recognizing Flynn during the chaos of the mass shooting, Wolf defies REDS’ protocols and abducts her. Consumed by his infatuation with her, he convinces his superiors to keep her alive, seeing her as an asset to realize his plan of infiltrating Magnetic.

Conversations about separate worldviews

Throughout Flynn and Wolf’s captivity, they engage in conversations that explore the fundamental differences in their worldviews. These exchanges delve into the ethics and merits of their opposing beliefs, providing depth to their characters and adding nuance to the narrative.

Body Count and Ambiguity

Escalation of body count

The story takes a darker turn as the body count escalates. The violence and chaos inflicted by REDS raises the stakes and heightens the tension within the narrative. The increasing body count serves as a reminder of the real and devastating consequences of extremism.

REDS not explicitly defined as right-wing or left-wing

To add complexity and depth to the story, REDS is not explicitly defined as right-wing or left-wing. This ambiguity allows for a deeper exploration of the motivations and ideologies at play within the group. The lack of clear political alignment leaves room for readers to interpret REDS’ motives and beliefs.

Cliffhanger Ending

Openings for a sequel

The story ends with a cliffhanger, leaving multiple unanswered questions and unresolved plotlines. This open-ended conclusion sets the stage for a potential sequel, where the remaining threads of the narrative can be continued and explored further.

Consultation with Experts

Consulting experts on hate groups and extremism

The author’s decision to consult experts on hate groups and extremism adds authenticity and depth to the story. Through their insights and knowledge, the narrative incorporates accurate representations of these concerning realities, elevating the themes and conflicts within the plot.

Incorporation of dialogues on ethics

The dialogues between Flynn and Wolf serve as a platform to explore ethical dilemmas and debates. The author’s incorporation of these discussions adds intellectual depth to the story, encouraging readers to critically examine different perspectives and contemplate the complexities of morality.


“The Rising Order” is a comprehensive and thought-provoking tale that touches on various themes, including kindness, outcasts, ethics, and the consequences of extremism. Through the lens of the turbulent relationship between Flynn and Wolf, the story explores the power of compassion, the complexities of differing worldviews, and the moral ambiguity that can arise in extreme circumstances. With its atmospheric setting in Chicago, the gripping plot, and its open-ended conclusion, “The Rising Order” leaves readers eager for more and paves the way for potential future installments.