In “THE OTHER HALF,” a gripping murder mystery novel by Vassell, the night before an Instagram influencer is discovered dead, a scandalous black-tie birthday party takes place at a surprising venue: a London McDonald’s. The deceased is none other than Rupert Beauchamp’s girlfriend, Clemmie O’Hara, and as DI Caius Beauchamp begins to investigate, he uncovers a web of secrets involving the elite upper-class millennials in Clemmie’s circle. With strong motives and a charismatic protagonist seeking justice, this police procedural shines a light on the morally bankrupt characters while keeping readers on the edge of their seats.


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The night before the influencer’s death

The story begins on the night before the Instagram influencer’s death. Rupert Beauchamp, heir to a baronetcy, throws a peculiar black-tie 30th birthday party at a London McDonald’s. The event is a bizarre mix of fast food and luxurious champagne and coke. Little do the guests know that tragedy is about to strike.

Rupert’s birthday bash at McDonald’s

Rupert’s birthday bash at McDonald’s becomes the backdrop for the unfolding events. As the guests indulge in the unusual combination of fast food and champagne, tensions simmer beneath the surface. It is during this party that the influencer’s death occurs, setting off a chain reaction of discoveries and investigations.

Discovery of Clemmie’s body

The body of Clemmie O’Hara, Rupert’s girlfriend, is discovered the next day on Hampstead Heath by DI Caius Beauchamp. Despite no blood relation, the connection between Rupert and Caius gives the story an intriguing twist that holds many secrets.

DI Caius Beauchamp’s involvement

DI Caius Beauchamp becomes intricately involved in the investigation of Clemmie’s death. As a dedicated and straightforward detective, Caius is determined to uncover the truth and bring justice to those involved. His pursuit of justice takes a personal turn when he becomes aware of Nell Waddingham’s traumatic experience in Greece.

Rupert’s love for Nell

Rupert has long harbored affection for Nell Waddingham, but societal expectations and his privileged upbringing prevent him from acting on his feelings. Nell, a publishing professional with a passion for classic literature, becomes a central figure in Rupert’s life. Their connection adds a layer of complexity to the plot and raises questions about love and relationships.

Nell’s traumatic experience in Greece

During a trip to Greece with Rupert and Clemmie, Nell experiences a horrifying act of violence. The details of this traumatic incident are only hinted at throughout the story, leaving Nell struggling to understand and heal from the ordeal. Caius, however, sees through the hints and is determined to seek justice for Nell and Clemmie.

Caius seeking justice

DI Caius Beauchamp takes on the mission of seeking justice for the victims, undeterred by the wealthy and influential circles involved. Despite being advised to back off, Caius sets his sights on Rupert, believing him to be the key to uncovering the truth. His relentless pursuit of justice defines his character and underscores important themes of morality and righteousness.

Rupert’s potential escape from criminal behavior

Rupert, like many other aimless upper-class millennials in the story, possesses the means to evade consequences for his actions. However, Caius’s determination and the strength of the evidence against Rupert raise doubts about his potential escape from the criminal behavior surrounding Clemmie’s death. The plot delves into questions of wealth, privilege, and the corrupting influence they can have on individuals.

Other characters with strong motives

The story revolves around a circle of characters, each with powerful motives that drive their actions. Vassell expertly develops these morally bankrupt individuals, presenting them with a precision that adds depth to the plot. As the investigation progresses, suspicion falls upon multiple characters, and their motives are examined in relation to Clemmie’s death.

Caius as the beacon of justice

In the midst of morally bankrupt characters and complex relationships, DI Caius Beauchamp emerges as the beacon of justice. His forthrightness and dedication to uncovering the truth shine a light on the corruption that pervades the story. Caius’s character development throughout the plot showcases Vassell’s ability to create an engaging police procedural.



The story is set primarily in the bustling city of London, where the stark contrast between the extravagant lives of the wealthy and the realities of everyday life provide a captivating backdrop. The cityscape and its distinct neighborhoods play a vital role in the development of the plot and the exploration of its themes.

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath, a vast and picturesque open space in London, serves as the location where Clemmie’s body is discovered. The contrast between the tranquility of the heath and the brutality of the crime underscores the darker aspects of the story, adding an element of intrigue.


Rupert’s birthday bash at McDonald’s serves as a peculiar and unexpected setting for important events in the story. The clash between the luxury of champagne and the fast food chain adds a satirical touch, highlighting the excesses and contradictions of the characters’ lives.


Greece provides a brief but significant setting for part of the plot, specifically Nell’s traumatic experience. The beauty and historical significance of the country serve as a stark contrast to the violence Nell endures, emphasizing the impact of the incident on her and the subsequent pursuit of justice.


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Rupert Beauchamp

Rupert Beauchamp, the heir to a baronetcy, is one of the central characters in the story. His love for Nell, along with his involvement in the events leading up to Clemmie’s death, make him a key figure in the investigation. Vassell explores the complexities of Rupert’s character, highlighting his motivations and potential for redemption.

Clemmie O’Hara

Clemmie O’Hara, the Instagram influencer who meets a tragic end, is Rupert’s girlfriend. Her death sets the chain of events into motion, unraveling the secrets and motives of those around her. While her character exists primarily in relation to the plot, her influence and relationships provide valuable insight into the lives of the other characters.

DI Caius Beauchamp

DI Caius Beauchamp, despite having no blood relation to Rupert, discovers Clemmie’s body and becomes deeply involved in the investigation. His pursuit of justice, unwavering dedication, and integrity make him a formidable protagonist. Caius serves as the moral compass of the story, contrasting the morally bankrupt characters that populate the narrative.

Nell Waddingham

Nell Waddingham, Rupert’s love interest, works in publishing and has a passion for classic novels. Her traumatic experience in Greece forms a significant part of her character arc and triggers Caius’s determination to seek justice. Nell’s strength and resilience shine through her interactions with the other characters, highlighting the themes of love and resilience.

Elite-enamored boss

Caius’s elite-enamored boss represents the upper-class circles that play a role in the story and attempt to obstruct the pursuit of justice. The tension between the pursuit of truth and the pressure from those in power adds an additional layer of complexity to Caius’s character and the broader exploration of justice and morality.

Morally bankrupt characters

The story features several morally bankrupt characters within Clemmie’s circle and beyond. Vassell expertly crafts these characters, presenting them with flaws and motivations that drive the events of the plot. The clash between their actions and Caius’s relentless pursuit of justice creates a compelling dynamic throughout the story.


Social media influence

The influence of social media, as embodied by the Instagram influencer Clemmie, serves as a backdrop for the events of the story. Vassell explores the impact and power social media holds over individuals and relationships, weaving these themes into the narrative and examining their consequences.

Wealth and privilege

The theme of wealth and privilege runs throughout the story, permeating the lives of the characters and shaping their actions. Vassell delves into the corrupting influence of privilege and how it can distort morality and justice, painting a vivid picture of the excesses and contradictions of the upper class.

Love and relationships

Love and relationships, particularly amidst societal expectations, form a significant theme in the story. Rupert’s unrequited love for Nell and his tangled relationship with Clemmie highlight the complexities of romantic connections and the impact of societal pressure on personal choices.

Justice and morality

At its core, the story explores the concepts of justice and morality. Caius’s pursuit of justice, despite the obstacles he faces, serves as a driving force for the narrative. The morally bankrupt characters and their actions provide a contrast to Caius’s unwavering commitment to morality, sparking a reflection on the nature of justice and the consequences of immoral behavior.


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Police procedural

“The Other Half” fits comfortably within the police procedural genre, with DI Caius Beauchamp leading the investigation into Clemmie’s death. The meticulous examination of evidence, the pursuit of justice, and the unraveling of complex relationships and motives make it a compelling addition to this genre.


The central mystery of Clemmie’s death, along with the secrets and hidden motivations of the characters, adds an air of mystery to the story. Each revelation throughout the plot brings newfound intrigue, enticing readers to continue unraveling the enigma.


As the story delves into the consequences of wealth, privilege, and social media influence, it takes on thrilling elements. The tension builds as Caius delves deeper into the investigation and faces obstacles from powerful circles. The thriller genre features prominently within the narrative, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

Writing style

Frequent sendups of morally bankrupt characters

Vassell employs a writing style that frequently satirizes the morally bankrupt characters populating the story. These sendups inject humor into the narrative while shedding light on the flaws and contradictions of these individuals. The balance between satire and the serious nature of the plot adds depth and keeps the tone of the story engaging.

Precision in character development

Throughout the plot, Vassell demonstrates a keen precision in character development. Each character’s motivations and flaws are expertly crafted, allowing readers to fully grasp their complexities. The detailed exploration of their inner lives adds depth to the story, drawing readers further into the intricate web of relationships and motives.

Shining debut of the forthright Caius

DI Caius Beauchamp serves as the standout character in Vassell’s debut novel. His forthrightness and dedication to justice make him an engaging protagonist. Vassell’s skillful portrayal of Caius’s character showcases her ability to create a compelling and likable lead, solidifying his status as the beacon of justice in the story.

In conclusion, “The Other Half” is a comprehensive police procedural mystery thriller set in London. Through its examination of social media influence, wealth and privilege, love and relationships, and justice and morality, Vassell crafts a captivating tale. With its satirical sendups of morally bankrupt characters, precise character development, and the shining debut of DI Caius Beauchamp, the book offers a unique and engaging reading experience.