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The Original X-Men Fight the Power of the Phoenix in Marvel First Look

Marvel fans, get ready for an epic showdown as “The Original X-Men Fight the Power of the Phoenix” in Marvel’s upcoming series. In a first look at Original X-Men #1, Marvel teases the return of the original five X-Men as they face off against the formidable multiversal Phoenix. The series, set to launch in December, is written by Christos Gage with artwork by Ryan Stegman. The preview pages give fans a glimpse of the Phoenix’s immense power, as she rains down fire, reflects on past versions of herself, and engages in a conversation with a young Jean Grey. This exciting new series is sure to captivate X-Men enthusiasts and shake up the Marvel Universe.

The Original X-Men Fight the Power of the Phoenix in Marvel First Look

The Original X-Men lineup is back and ready to take on a powerful multiversal Phoenix in Marvel’s first look at their upcoming series. Marvel recently shared a sneak peek at Original X-Men #1, showcasing the team as they face off against the might of the Phoenix. This exciting new series, written by Christos Gage and featuring artwork by Ryan Stegman, is set to be released in December.

Original X-Men #1

Original X-Men #1 marks the return of the iconic superhero team, composed of Cyclops, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Beast, Iceman, and Angel. These five characters were the founding members of the X-Men and played a pivotal role in shaping the franchise’s history. Now, they are reunited in a new universe where they find themselves confronted by the all-powerful Phoenix.

The Original X-Men Team Are Back To ‘Shake Up The Marvel Universe’

Marvel promises that with the launch of the new Original X-Men series, the entire Marvel Universe will be shaken to its core. This thrilling storyline will take the team on a multiversal mystery, pushing them to their limits as they contend with the formidable Phoenix. Fans of the X-Men will undoubtedly be captivated by this fresh and compelling narrative.

The original X-Men series debuted in 1963 and quickly became a fan favorite. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, it introduced readers to a group of young mutants with extraordinary abilities who were guided by Professor X to protect a world that feared and hated them. Over the years, the X-Men franchise has grown immensely, spawning numerous spin-off titles, movies, and even video games.

The X-Men’s Krakoan Era Concludes With Fall of the House of X and Rise of the Powers of X

As the new Original X-Men series takes flight, it signals the end of the Krakoan era for the X-Men. This era, which began with the groundbreaking House of X and Powers of X series by Jonathan Hickman, reshaped the entire X-Men universe. It brought mutantkind to the forefront and introduced new concepts and alliances that pushed the boundaries of what was previously known.

Now, with the conclusion of the Krakoan era, fans can expect exciting new developments and challenges for their favorite mutant superheroes. The arrival of the multiversal Phoenix poses a significant threat to not only the Original X-Men but also the Marvel Universe as a whole.

Christos Gage and Ryan Stegman: Two Familiar Names in the X-Men Universe

Christos Gage, the writer behind the upcoming Original X-Men series, has an impressive background in the X-Men universe. He previously worked on various X-Men titles, including the crossover series World War Hulk: X-Men and X-Men Legacy in 2012. Gage’s familiarity with these characters and their intricate history ensures that fans will be treated to a story that respects and builds upon the X-Men’s rich legacy.

Accompanying Gage’s storytelling is the exceptional artwork of Ryan Stegman. Stegman has made his mark on the X-Men universe with his contributions to titles such as X-Men: Red #2 and X-Men: Gold #25. His dynamic and detailed illustrations bring the action-packed world of the X-Men to life, capturing the intensity and emotion of each character.

Original X-Men #1 Release Date and Publisher

Marvel Comics will release Original X-Men #1 on December 20th, adding another exciting chapter to the X-Men saga. This highly anticipated series will be available through various comic book retailers and online platforms, ensuring that fans can easily get their hands on this must-read issue.

Interior Art and Story Preview

Marvel’s first look at Original X-Men #1 featured five stunning interior pages, giving fans a taste of the multiversal Phoenix’s immense power. One page depicts the Phoenix raining down fire upon the X-Men, overpowering them with its destructive might. Other pages show the Phoenix reflecting on its past, revealing its history of confronting and triumphing over monumental threats like Thanos and Ultron. The preview concludes with a tantalizing glimpse of the Phoenix engaging in a conversation with a younger Jean Grey, setting the stage for the team’s upcoming mission.

The Multiversal Phoenix’s Power

The Phoenix, a cosmic entity of immeasurable power, has a long and storied history in the Marvel Universe. Its association with Jean Grey, one of the Original X-Men, has led to numerous iconic storylines and battles. The multiversal Phoenix takes this power to a whole new level, transcending multiple realities and posing an unprecedented threat to the X-Men.

As shown in the preview pages, the multiversal Phoenix has the ability to unleash devastating flames that can halt even the most formidable superheroes in their tracks. Its immense power and formidable presence will undoubtedly push the Original X-Men to their limits, testing their abilities and teamwork like never before.

The Significance of the Original X-Men

The Original X-Men hold a special place in the hearts of fans and within the Marvel Universe. As the first team to bear the X-Men name, they paved the way for countless mutant heroes who followed in their footsteps. Their struggle for acceptance and equality has resonated with readers for decades, making them enduring symbols of hope and perseverance.

Bringing the Original X-Men back together allows Marvel to tap into that timeless appeal and explore new dynamics within the team. As they face the multiversal Phoenix and shake up the Marvel Universe, these beloved characters will undoubtedly reaffirm their status as iconic superheroes.


The release of Original X-Men #1 promises to be an exhilarating event for fans of the X-Men and the Marvel Universe as a whole. With the return of the beloved Original X-Men lineup and their epic battle against the multiversal Phoenix, readers are in for a thrilling ride filled with action, drama, and the enduring themes that define the X-Men.

Christos Gage’s expert storytelling, paired with Ryan Stegman’s captivating artwork, ensures that this series will do justice to the legacy of the X-Men. As the Original X-Men strive to overcome the seemingly insurmountable power of the Phoenix, their courage and determination will inspire readers and remind them why these characters have had such a lasting impact.

So mark your calendars for December 20th, when Original X-Men #1 hits the shelves. Get ready to witness the clash between the original mutant superheroes and the indomitable force of the multiversal Phoenix. This is a battle that will shake the Marvel Universe to its core, and you don’t want to miss it.