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The ‘Nothing Special’ Webcomic Has Become Something Special

“The ‘Nothing Special’ webcomic, created by Katie Cook, has quickly gained popularity and garnered almost 30 million views and 3.1 million likes. Now, the webcomic is getting the graphic novel treatment, with Ten Speed Graphic publishing the first volume in March. The story follows Callie, a teenager who embarks on a journey to find her dad in the magical realm after her home is broken into on her seventeenth birthday. Cook’s unique and imaginative storytelling has resonated with readers, and the upcoming graphic novel is sure to captivate fans with its never-before-seen content and bonus features. Get ready for a big, honking volume that will leave you wanting more.”

The Nothing Special Webcomic Has Become Something Special

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Introduction to ‘Nothing Special’

The webcomic ‘Nothing Special’ has gained significant attention and popularity since its inception. Created by Katie Cook, the webcomic tells the story of teenager Callie, who embarks on a journey to find her missing father and unravel the secrets of the magical realm.

Origin of the webcomic

‘Nothing Special’ started as a collection of ideas scribbled down by Katie Cook on her way back from a comics convention in Chicago. What was initially a simple notebook of random thoughts eventually evolved into a fully-fledged webtoon, capturing the hearts of millions of readers.

Success of the Webcomic

Number of views and likes

Since its launch, ‘Nothing Special’ has garnered nearly 30 million views and 3.1 million likes, making it a popular choice among webcomic enthusiasts. The story’s gripping plot and relatable characters have captivated a wide audience, solidifying its success in the webcomic realm.

Graphic novel adaptation

Recognizing the webcomic’s immense popularity, Ten Speed Graphic has decided to adapt ‘Nothing Special’ into a graphic novel series. This marks Katie Cook’s first original graphic novel and the first of four books in the ‘Nothing Special’ series.

Release date and additional content

The graphic novel adaptation of ‘Nothing Special’ is set to be published in March, with the first volume covering the events of the webtoon’s first season. Readers can expect to find never-before-seen material and bonus content, including concept art, character profiles, and humorous anecdotes from Cook’s series.

The Nothing Special Webcomic Has Become Something Special

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Creation Process

Ideation of the story premise

The story premise of ‘Nothing Special’ originated during a car ride with Cook’s friend Isabel. In a moment of creative inspiration, Cook shared her ideas for the story, and Isabel diligently wrote them down. This initial brainstorming session laid the foundation for the webcomic’s captivating plot and unique world.

Collaboration with a friend

Cook’s collaboration with Isabel played a crucial role in the development of ‘Nothing Special.’ By bouncing ideas off each other and documenting them, they gave life to the story and its characters. Their teamwork and shared enthusiasm brought depth and coherence to the webcomic’s narrative.

Pitching the webcomic as a book

Encouraged by her agent, Seth Fishman, Cook prepared a PDF proposal titled ‘Please Make My Thing Your Thing’ to pitch the webcomic as a book. This detailed presentation showcased the potential of ‘Nothing Special’ as a published work and captured the attention of Ten Speed Graphic.

Publisher’s Decision

Ten Speed Graphic’s agreement to publish

Amidst the rising popularity of webcomics, Ten Speed Graphic expressed interest in publishing ‘Nothing Special’ as a graphic novel. Accepting the offer, Cook was thrilled by the opportunity to bring her webcomic to a wider audience in print form.

Webcomic boom

The decision to publish ‘Nothing Special’ as a graphic novel came during a time of booming popularity for webcomics. This trend paved the way for unique and unconventional stories to be embraced by the publishing industry, allowing Cook’s webcomic to transition into a physical format.

Cook’s reaction to the news

Upon receiving the news of Ten Speed Graphic’s agreement to publish her webcomic, Cook was initially in disbelief. She stared at her wall in shock before sharing the exciting news with her loved ones, including her husband, parents, and her cherished cat. The prospect of seeing her work in print format was a momentous occasion for the artist.

The Nothing Special Webcomic Has Become Something Special

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Challenges and Accomplishments

Page layout and formatting

Adapting a webcomic into a graphic novel format presented challenges in terms of page layout and formatting. The original digital files contained panels that were up to 60 inches tall, making the transition to a printed page complex. However, with Ten Speed Graphic’s support, Cook successfully navigated these challenges and maintained the fun, whimsical, and peculiar essence of her webcomic.

Cook’s creative process

Throughout the creation process, Cook faced personal and artistic hurdles. Despite these challenges, her unwavering commitment to her craft allowed her to overcome any obstacles that came her way. Her dedication to the ‘Nothing Special’ webcomic is evident in the final product.

Creating a unique story

One of the key accomplishments of ‘Nothing Special’ is its ability to stand out among the vast sea of webcomics. Cook’s imaginative storytelling, coupled with relatable characters and a compelling plot, have created a truly unique and captivating reading experience.

Fans’ Response and Artist’s Perspective

Connection with readers

‘Nothing Special’ has formed a deep and meaningful connection with its readers. Fans have been drawn to the world and characters created by Cook, making the webcomic a source of inspiration and comfort for many. The ability to resonate with readers on such a profound level has been a rewarding experience for the artist.

Fanart and emotional impact

The emotional impact of ‘Nothing Special’ is evident through the fanart that has been created in response to the webcomic. Cook’s office is adorned with a fanart wall that serves as a constant reminder of the impact her work has had on others. The appreciation and support from fans have left Cook deeply moved.

Ownership and creative freedom

‘Nothing Special’ holds a special place in Cook’s heart because it is entirely her creation. Unlike her previous work on licensed projects, the webcomic represents Cook’s own sandbox, where she has complete ownership and creative freedom. This level of creative control has allowed her to truly bring her vision to life.

Upcoming Graphic Novel Series

Preparing for the release

As the release of the graphic novel series approaches, Cook is actively preparing for the launch. Alongside her publisher, she is working on various promotional strategies to generate excitement and garner attention for the release. These efforts will ensure that readers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first volume.

Book description and size

The graphic novel adaptation of ‘Nothing Special’ will feature the first season of the webcomic. Readers can expect a substantial physical volume, as Cook humorously warns that they are “thick, big books.” The larger size allows for a more immersive reading experience and showcases the intricate details of the artwork.

Encouraging readers to embrace the volumes

Cook wants readers to embrace the volumes of the graphic novel series and immerse themselves in her fantastical world. The release of subsequent volumes will allow readers to delve deeper into the story and explore the richly developed characters and intricate plotlines.

Cook’s Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from various sources

As an artist, Cook draws inspiration from a wide range of sources. Whether it be books, TV shows, or movies, she absorbs elements from different mediums and incorporates them into her own work. This eclectic mix of influences contributes to the unique and dynamic nature of ‘Nothing Special.’

Acknowledging specific influences

Cook acknowledges specific influences on her artistic style and storytelling. She credits Dr. Seuss for inspiring the way she draws pupils and the Looney Tunes for influencing her depiction of hands. Additionally, she draws inspiration from Bilbo’s journey in ‘The Hobbit’ to shape her approach to storytelling.

Proud of the Finished Product

Appreciation for the letterer and editor

In the process of adapting ‘Nothing Special’ into a graphic novel, Cook worked closely with her letterer/designer Nate Pride and editor Vedika Khanna. She expresses her admiration and gratitude for their contributions to the layout and overall presentation of the graphic novel. Their collaboration ensured that the printed version preserved the fun, whimsy, and weirdness of the webcomic.

Preserving the comic’s essence in print format

Cook takes great pride in the final product of the graphic novel adaptation. The book successfully captures the essence and spirit of the webcomic while offering additional content for readers to enjoy. The transition from a scrolling digital format to a printed page was a triumph, showcasing Cook’s dedication to preserving the integrity of her work.

Goal of Creating Something Unique

Creating the kind of story Cook wished she had read

‘Nothing Special’ is the culmination of Cook’s desire to create the kind of story she wished she had encountered as a child. By defying conventions and blending elements of adventure, fantasy, humor, and vegetables, Cook has crafted a one-of-a-kind narrative that resonates with readers of all ages.

Breaking the norms of YA adventure comics

Cook’s goal with ‘Nothing Special’ was to break the norms of young adult adventure comics. She sought to challenge traditional storytelling techniques and introduce something fresh and thought-provoking to the genre. Through her innovative approach, Cook has succeeded in creating a truly unique and boundary-pushing webcomic.

In conclusion, the ‘Nothing Special’ webcomic has transcended its humble beginnings to become a cultural phenomenon. Its success as a webtoon, coupled with the upcoming graphic novel series, showcases Cook’s talent as a storyteller and her ability to capture the hearts and imaginations of readers. With her dedication to creating something truly special, Katie Cook has solidified her place in the world of webcomics and beyond.