Swelling With Sugary Pastels, Pip & Pop’s Psychedelic Installations Revel in Food Utopias

Get ready to step into a fantastical world of vibrant colors and mouthwatering textures with artist Tanya Schultz, known as Pip & Pop. In her larger-than-life installations, Pip & Pop transports you to whimsical food utopias, where candy-like sugar sculptures meet mixed-media creations. Drawing inspiration from mythical lands of luxury and abundance, Schultz brings to life the medieval concept of “Cockaigne,” where the streets are paved with pastries and cheese literally rains from the sky. With each artwork, she invites you to escape reality and indulge in the illusionary places where dreams and desires come to life. It’s a visual feast that will leave you craving for more and imagining a world where food is not just sustenance but a realm of artistic wonderment.

Swelling With Sugary Pastels, Pip  Pop’s Psychedelic Installations Revel in Food Utopias

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Fictional Geographies and Paradise Mythologies

As an artist, Pip & Pop (Tanya Schultz) is deeply fascinated by fictional geographies and paradise mythologies. According to her, these are places where you can escape from the realities of the world. They may or may not exist, and once you leave them, they become impossible to locate again. These illusory places allow us to project our dreams and desires. Schultz draws inspiration from mythological utopias of luxury and plenty, specifically mentioning the medieval Pays de Cockaigne, also known as Luilekkerland or Schlaraffenland. In this mythical land, the streets are paved with pastries, houses are made of cakes, mountains are made of pudding, and cheese falls from the sky. Stories, songs, and maps of these places were created as a form of escape from food deprivation and as a way to imagine a future with abundant food. These utopias also served as cautionary tales about gluttony.

Growing in Size and Complexity

Over time, Pip & Pop’s installations have grown both in size and complexity. As an artist, Schultz has evolved her creative process, incorporating sugar in various forms into her artwork. Working with sugar allows her to create soft, fragile piles and hard, candy-like substances, adding an interesting texture to her installations. Hand-dyeing sugar in hundreds of shades of pastel and neon colors is the starting point for many of her large-scale, psychedelic installations. Alongside sugar, Schultz and her studio team utilize other materials such as modeling clay, rhinestones, beads, papier-mâché, rainbow string, pompoms, and tiny polymer cakes and fruits. This combination of materials and techniques results in visually stunning and intricate works of art.

Swelling With Sugary Pastels, Pip  Pop’s Psychedelic Installations Revel in Food Utopias

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Permanent Work at Meow Wolf

If you happen to find yourself in Santa Fe, be sure to check out Pip & Pop’s permanent installation at Meow Wolf. The renowned art collective has a distinct immersive and interactive style, making their collaboration with Pip & Pop a natural fit. Meow Wolf provides a permanent space for visitors to experience the fantastical and vibrant world created by Pip & Pop.

Website and Social Media Presence

To explore more of Pip & Pop’s work, you can visit their website. The website showcases their portfolio and provides further information about the artist and her creations. Additionally, you can follow Pip & Pop on Instagram to stay updated with their latest projects and artworks. Social media platforms like Instagram offer a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of Pip & Pop, with behind-the-scenes shots, progress updates, and insights into the inspiration behind their installations.

Swelling With Sugary Pastels, Pip  Pop’s Psychedelic Installations Revel in Food Utopias

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A Colorful Visual Experience

Exploring Pip & Pop’s installations is an incredibly vibrant and visually captivating experience. The colorful palette of pastel and neon hues used in their artwork creates an otherworldly atmosphere that is bound to transport you into a dreamlike realm. The intricate details of their installations, combined with the use of various materials, result in an immersive and multi-sensory encounter. Whether it’s the delicate sugar sculptures or the tiny polymer cakes and fruits, each element in Pip & Pop’s installations contributes to the overall whimsical and enchanting ambiance.

Importance of Food Utopias

Food utopias hold historical significance, particularly in times of food deprivation. Throughout history, people turned to stories, songs, and maps depicting lands of plenty to escape the harsh realities of limited food resources. These fictional geographies provided an avenue for imagining a better future, where abundance reigns. However, these utopias weren’t solely escapist fantasies; they were also cautionary tales, reminding people of the dangers of gluttony and excess. Pip & Pop’s installations offer a contemporary exploration of these food utopias, drawing from both their historical context and their potential as a symbolic representation of our desires and dreams.

Swelling With Sugary Pastels, Pip  Pop’s Psychedelic Installations Revel in Food Utopias

Fostering Imagination and Dreams

Fictional geographies, such as the ones created by Pip & Pop, serve as illusory places where individuals can project their dreams and desires. In a world full of challenges and limitations, these imaginative spaces allow us to transcend our present circumstances and envision a brighter future. By encouraging the exploration of fictional geographies, artists like Pip & Pop provide a platform for fostering imagination and dreams, ultimately contributing to the creation of a better and more hopeful tomorrow.

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Swelling With Sugary Pastels, Pip  Pop’s Psychedelic Installations Revel in Food Utopias


Pip & Pop’s psychedelic installations transport viewers to whimsical and fantastical worlds filled with sugary pastels and intricate details. Inspired by mythological utopias and the historical significance of food deprivation, their artwork showcases the power of imagination and dreams. Through their use of various materials and techniques, Pip & Pop creates immersive and visually stunning installations that both captivate and inspire. As supporters of independent arts publishing, we can appreciate the significance of platforms like Colossal in amplifying the voices of artists and providing a space for their stories to be shared. By becoming a Colossal Member, you have the opportunity to support artists and contribute to the growth and development of the art community. So why not embark on a journey into the world of Pip & Pop and discover the wonders of their vibrant installations?