Spirited Animals Emerge from Salvaged Scrap Metal in Brian Mock’s Sculptures

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Brian Mock’s sculptures, where spirited animals come to life through salvaged scrap metal. From his home studio in Aloha, Oregon, Mock masterfully transforms ordinary nuts and bolts, springs, and tools into stunning animal sculptures. Drawing inspiration from careful research into each species’ behavior, Mock’s process involves sketching out his designs and then meticulously shaping and welding the materials until a magnificent owl, bear, or prowling snow leopard emerges. With a wide range of projects on the horizon, including cowboy boots and dog sculptures, Mock’s talent shines through in every intricately crafted piece. Follow his artistic journey on Instagram and prepare to be amazed by the artistry that can be forged from discarded scraps.


Introduction to Brian Mock’s sculptures

Brian Mock is an artist based in Aloha, Oregon, who creates stunning animal sculptures using salvaged scrap metal. He transforms small springs, tools, silverware, and other scraps into lively and intricate artworks. Each sculpture is carefully crafted to capture the essence and physicality of the animal it represents.

Materials used in Mock’s sculptures

Mock’s sculptures are primarily made from salvaged scrap metal, including nuts and bolts, springs, tools, and silverware. He sources these materials from auto shops and recycling centers, giving new life to discarded objects. By repurposing these materials, Mock not only creates beautiful artworks but also promotes sustainability and recycling.

Process of creating the sculptures

Mock’s creative process begins with in-depth research into the comportment and characteristics of the animal he intends to sculpt. This research helps him understand the animal’s anatomy, behavior, and unique features. With this knowledge, he creates detailed sketches that serve as blueprints for his sculptures.

Once the sketches are complete, Mock begins the hands-on process of transforming the salvaged scrap metal into art. He employs grinders, cutting discs, and a welder to shape and assemble the various pieces of metal. Through meticulous welding and grinding, Mock brings the sculpture to life, paying close attention to detail and ensuring precision in every stage of the process.

Current projects and commissions

Mock predominantly works on commission, shaping his sculptures to meet the specific requests and preferences of his clients. Among his ongoing projects are cowboy boots, a human face, and various dog sculptures. His ability to capture the essence of different animals with scrap metal demonstrates his versatility as an artist.

Nuts and Bolts Menagerie

Transforming small springs, tools, and silverware

Mock’s signature style involves using salvaged materials such as small springs, tools, and silverware to create his sculptures. He repurposes these often-overlooked objects, transforming them into dynamic and captivating works of art. The juxtaposition of industrial materials with organic forms adds a unique character to Mock’s creations.

Researching animal comportment

Before starting a sculpture, Mock conducts extensive research on the animal he plans to depict. This research helps him understand the movements, postures, and behaviors specific to each creature. By delving into the intricacies of animal comportment, Mock is able to infuse his sculptures with a sense of life and energy.

Creating sketches

Sketching is a crucial part of Mock’s artistic process. He begins by translating his research into detailed sketches, capturing the essence of the animal’s form and motion. These sketches serve as the initial blueprint for the sculpture, guiding Mock as he brings the artwork to life.

Using grinders, cutting discs, and a welder

Mock employs various tools and techniques to shape and assemble the salvaged materials into his sculptures. Grinders and cutting discs allow him to meticulously shape the metal pieces, refining them to match his vision. Welding is a crucial step in the process, as it enables Mock to join the different elements together, creating a cohesive and sturdy sculpture.

Spirited Animals Emerge from Salvaged Scrap Metal in Brian Mock’s Sculptures

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Animal Sculptures on Commission

Working entirely on commission

Mock’s artistic practice centers around creating sculptures on commission. This approach allows him to tailor each artwork to the client’s specific desires and preferences. Working closely with his clients, Mock ensures that the commissioned sculptures capture the unique character and spirit of the requested animal.

Projects in progress

Currently, Mock has several ongoing commissions. One of his projects involves sculpting cowboy boots, showcasing his ability to transform scrap metal into detailed and intricate footwear. Another project focuses on creating a human face sculpture, a testament to Mock’s versatility as an artist. Additionally, Mock is working on various dog sculptures, capturing the individuality and charm of different canine breeds.

Cowboy boots sculpture

The cowboy boots sculpture is a unique and challenging project for Mock. It requires him to replicate the intricate details and embellishments found in traditional cowboy boots using salvaged scrap metal. By combining his artistic skills with his technical expertise, Mock brings the essence of cowboy culture to life through his sculpture.

Human face sculpture

Creating a human face out of salvaged scrap metal presents its own set of artistic challenges. Mock’s ability to capture the intricacies of facial features and expressions in metal is a testament to his skill and craftsmanship. The human face sculpture demonstrates his versatility as an artist, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with unconventional materials.

Dog sculptures

Mock’s dog sculptures are a testament to his ability to capture the unique qualities of different canine breeds. Through his meticulous attention to detail, he creates lifelike representations of dogs using salvaged materials. Each sculpture showcases the distinct characteristics and personalities of its subject, showcasing Mock’s skill in capturing the essence of animals.

Find Mock on Instagram

Follow Brian Mock’s work on Instagram

To stay updated on Brian Mock’s latest projects and creations, follow him on Instagram. His Instagram account serves as a platform for sharing the progress of his sculptures and showcasing the final artworks. Through regular updates, Mock invites his audience to experience the process of transforming salvaged scrap metal into extraordinary sculptures.

Spirited Animals Emerge from Salvaged Scrap Metal in Brian Mock’s Sculptures

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Owl Sculpture

Crafting an owl sculpture from salvaged scrap metal

The owl sculpture is one of Mock’s remarkable creations, showcasing his ability to transform salvaged scrap metal into lifelike representations of animals. Using materials such as silverware and other scraps, Mock intricately crafts each piece of the owl’s body, capturing its unique features and characteristics.

Using silverware and other scraps

To create the owl sculpture, Mock repurposes silverware and other discarded scraps. By incorporating these unconventional materials, he adds texture and visual interest to the artwork. The use of silverware allows him to depict fine details such as feathers and facial expressions, adding a lustrous and lifelike quality to the sculpture.

Creating a lustrous and lifelike artwork

Through his meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, Mock transforms salvaged scrap metal into a lustrous and lifelike owl sculpture. Each feather and facial feature is carefully shaped and welded, allowing the sculpture to capture the elegance and complexity of the owl’s form. The resulting artwork is a testament to Mock’s skill in transforming ordinary materials into extraordinary works of art.

Cat Sculpture

Crafting a cat sculpture from nuts and bolts

Mock’s cat sculpture exemplifies his ability to capture the beauty and grace of felines using salvaged materials. He creatively combines nuts and bolts to shape the cat’s body, paying close attention to detail to bring out the characteristics that make cats so beloved.

Attention to detail and intricacy

To create a realistic and intricate feline form, Mock meticulously arranges the nuts and bolts, ensuring that each piece aligns perfectly to depict the contours of the cat’s body. His attention to detail is evident in the sculpture’s delicate features and graceful posture, showcasing his ability to capture the essence of cats using unconventional materials.

Creating a realistic feline form

Through his skillful manipulation of nuts and bolts, Mock crafts a cat sculpture that exudes realism. The carefully placed bolts become the cat’s textured fur, while the nuts form its paws and face. With his attention to detail and understanding of feline anatomy, Mock brings the sculpture to life, evoking the grace and elegance of a real cat.

Spirited Animals Emerge from Salvaged Scrap Metal in Brian Mock’s Sculptures

Hound Sculpture

Crafting a hound sculpture from welded scrap metal

Mock’s hound sculpture exemplifies his ability to capture the physicality and spirit of dogs using welded scrap metal. By skillfully shaping and assembling discarded materials, he creates a sculpture that beautifully depicts the characteristic features of a hound.

Capturing the essence of a dog’s physicality

Through his expertise in working with welded scrap metal, Mock skillfully captures the essence of a hound’s physicality. The sculpture showcases the hound’s lean and athletic body, accentuated by the textures and forms created by the recycled materials. Mock’s attention to detail ensures that the sculpture embodies the grace and strength that define hounds.

Using scrap metal to create texture and form

Utilizing the inherent textures and forms of scrap metal, Mock brings depth and character to the hound sculpture. The jagged edges and rough surfaces of the metal contribute to the sculpture’s realistic depiction of the dog’s fur and musculature. The use of recycled materials not only adds visual interest but also emphasizes Mock’s commitment to sustainability and repurposing.

Bear Sculpture

Crafting a bear sculpture from scrap metal

Mock’s bear sculpture showcases his ability to capture the power and strength of these majestic animals using salvaged scrap metal. By meticulously assembling and shaping discarded materials, he creates a sculpture that evokes the presence and grandeur of a real bear.

Emphasizing the power and strength of bears

The bear sculpture is a testament to Mock’s skill in capturing the raw power and strength of these formidable animals. Through his use of scrap metal and careful arrangement of materials, he creates a sculpture that exudes a sense of weight and power. The sturdy and bold forms of the bear’s body reflect the resilience and forcefulness associated with bears.

Creating a dynamic and visually striking artwork

Mock’s bear sculpture is not only a tribute to the animal itself but also an artistic achievement in its own right. The sculpture’s dynamic pose and attention to detail make it a visually striking artwork. The use of salvaged scrap metal infuses the sculpture with a unique character and texture, adding depth and visual appeal to the finished piece.

Spirited Animals Emerge from Salvaged Scrap Metal in Brian Mock’s Sculptures

Snow Leopard Sculpture

Crafting a snow leopard sculpture from scrap metal

The snow leopard sculpture exemplifies Mock’s ability to convey the elegance and agility of these elusive creatures using salvaged scrap metal. Through his expertise in manipulating recycled materials, he creates a sculpture that captures the essence of the snow leopard’s movements and grace.

Exploring the elegance and agility of snow leopards

Snow leopards are known for their grace and agility, and Mock’s sculpture expertly captures these defining characteristics. Through careful arrangement and manipulation of scrap metal, he depicts the leopard’s lithe body and fluid movements. The sculpture’s intricate textures and forms reflect the snow leopard’s natural environment, evoking a sense of its native habitat.

Using salvaged materials to convey a sense of movement

Mock’s choice of salvaged materials adds a dynamic quality to the snow leopard sculpture. By carefully arranging and shaping the metal pieces, he conveys a sense of movement and energy. The interplay of curves and jagged edges simulates the leopard’s flowing motion, enhancing the overall visual impact of the sculpture.

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In conclusion, Brian Mock’s sculptures are a testament to the transformative power of art and the potential of salvaged materials. Each sculpture embodies the unique character and physicality of the animals they represent, showcasing Mock’s artistic skill and his ability to breathe life into discarded objects. From owls to bears, hounds to snow leopards, Mock’s sculptures captivate viewers with their intricate details and visual impact. By following his work on Instagram or supporting independent arts publishing, you can stay connected to Brian Mock’s latest creations and contribute to the thriving arts community.