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Six Moons, Seven Gods by Robert A. Walker

In the gripping novel “Six Moons, Seven Gods” by Robert A. Walker, the skilled thieves of the Takers Guild find their plans to overthrow the kingdoms of Baelon thwarted by a prescient woman and her daughter. Forced to seek assistance from the League of Assassins, they cross paths with retired royal guard Rolft Aerns, who has his own score to settle. As they navigate the dark shadows of Fostead’s south end, deception and murder abound, leaving the world of Baelon forever altered. With the fingers of the Guild reaching everywhere, one ambitious thief sets off a chain of events that will have far-reaching consequences. Prepare yourself for a tale of danger, intrigue, and a battle for power that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Six Moons, Seven Gods by Robert A. Walker

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Plot Summary

The Takers Guild’s plot

The Takers Guild, a group of skilled thieves, hatches a plan to overthrow the kingdoms of Baelon. Their goal is to seize power and establish their dominance through cunning and deception. They believe that by infiltrating the highest levels of authority, they can manipulate the political landscape to their advantage.

The League of Assassins

However, the Guild’s plans are unexpectedly disrupted when a prescient woman and her daughter intervene. With their ability to see into the future, they are able to predict the Guild’s every move and counter their strategies. Realizing that they need help, the Guild begrudgingly turns to the League of Assassins, an enigmatic and powerful group known for their lethal skills.

Retired royal guard Rolft Aerns

Meanwhile, retired royal guard Rolft Aerns returns to the palace of King Axil with a personal vendetta against the monarch. Having been wronged in the past, Aerns seeks retribution and aims to settle the score once and for all. His presence adds a layer of tension and unpredictability to the already intricate plot.

Crossing paths in Fostead

All of these characters and factions eventually cross paths in the city of Fostead. In the dark shadows of the city’s south end, their fates intertwine as they vie for power and survival. Each with their own agenda, they must navigate a treacherous landscape where loyalty is a rarity and betrayal is commonplace.

Murder count rises

As the story progresses, the murder count rises steadily. The sudden deaths of key characters jolt the remaining players, forcing them to reevaluate their strategies and alliances. The consequences of their actions reverberate throughout the Kingdoms of Baelon, leaving a trail of chaos and destruction in their wake.

Book Information

Title: Six Moons, Seven Gods

Author: Robert A. Walker

Book 1 of The Legends of Baelon

Genre: Fantasy

Publication Year: 2023

Book Excerpt

Situation at the meeting

The book excerpt begins with a tense meeting between Raggett, the leader of the Takers Guild, and two of his subordinates, Alden and Brock. Raggett is clearly, and increasingly, frustrated by the absence of another member of the Guild named Edwyn.

Edwyn’s absence

Raggett demands to know where Edwyn is and questions Alden about the canceled meeting. Alden hesitantly reveals that Edwyn won’t be joining them, but refuses to provide an explanation.

Unwanted visitor

Brock interjects and reveals that during the supposed canceled meeting, an unknown assailant appeared. This assailant, described as a giant of a man, barged into the meeting and initiated a violent encounter.

Violence and death

The assailant, without giving his name, brutally attacks the Guild members. He severs one of their members’ arms and proceeds to decapitate Edwyn. Lane, another member, is also killed during the confrontation. The violence is graphic and shocking, leaving Raggett and his remaining comrades in stunned silence.

The Guild’s response

Raggett swears revenge and vows that the Guild won’t stand for these atrocities. Although not entirely convinced of the Guild’s ability to retaliate, Raggett puts on a brave front as their leader.

Character Introduction


Raggett is the leader of the Takers Guild. He is described as a fierce and cunning individual who is driven by ambition. With a quick temper and a sharp mind, Raggett navigates the treacherous world of thieves and power struggles.


Alden is a subordinate of Raggett and a member of the Takers Guild. He is portrayed as nervous and easily rattled. While not as skilled as Raggett, Alden provides valuable information and support to the Guild.


Brock is another member of the Takers Guild. He is described as a burly man with wild eyes and a rough demeanor. Despite his gruff exterior, Brock proves to be a valuable asset to the Guild with his strength and loyalty.


Harolt is a Guild member who distances himself from Raggett and the others after the violent encounter. He becomes disillusioned with the Guild’s plans and decides to pursue his own path.


Bailey is a member of the Guild who loses an arm during the confrontation with the unknown assailant. His tragic fate serves as a reminder of the ruthlessness and danger they all face.


Lane is another member of the Guild who tragically loses his life during the violent encounter. His death adds to the mounting tension and raises questions about the motives and identity of their attacker.


Edwyn, a member of the Guild, is brutally killed by the unknown assailant. His death shocks Raggett and the others, leaving them desperate for answers and revenge.


The Kingdoms of Baelon

The story takes place in the Kingdoms of Baelon, a fictional world filled with political intrigue, magical beings, and vast landscapes. Each kingdom has its own unique culture and power struggles.

The Takers Guild hideout

The Takers Guild operates from a hidden location, serving as their headquarters and base of operations. The hideout is secretive and well-protected, filled with stolen treasures and valuable information.

The palace of King Axil

King Axil’s palace serves as a central location in the story. It is a place of power and intrigue, where ambitions collide and rivalries brew. The palace becomes a focal point for characters seeking revenge and control.

Fostead’s south end

Fostead, particularly its south end, serves as a backdrop for crucial events in the story. It is a dark and dangerous part of the city, where hidden agendas and violent encounters take place. The city’s atmosphere adds to the suspense and tension of the narrative.



Deception plays a central role in the plot, as characters manipulate others and conceal their true intentions. The Takers Guild relies heavily on deception to further their goals, highlighting the power that lies in illusion and misdirection.


Ambition drives many of the characters, pushing them to seek power and control. Whether it be the Takers Guild’s plot to usurp the kingdoms or Rolft Aerns’ personal vendetta against the king, ambition fuels their actions and shapes the course of the story.


Betrayal is a recurring theme, as characters turn against one another in their pursuit of power or personal gain. Loyalties are tested, and the consequences of betrayal ripple throughout the narrative.


Power is a coveted prize in the Kingdoms of Baelon, with characters willing to go to great lengths to achieve it. The struggle for power drives the conflicts and shapes the alliances in the story, often leading to tragic consequences.


The desire for revenge motivates several characters, including Rolft Aerns, who seeks vengeance against King Axil. Their thirst for revenge tangles them in the web of intrigue and violence, setting off a chain of events that escalates the plot.

Major Events

The thwarting of the Guild’s plans

The Guild’s plans to overthrow the kingdoms of Baelon are foiled when their actions are predicted and countered by a prescient woman and her daughter. This unexpected turn of events forces the Guild to seek help from the League of Assassins.

Encounter with the prescient woman

The prescient woman and her daughter play a crucial role in the story, using their abilities to foresee and interfere with the Guild’s actions. Their presence adds a supernatural element to the narrative and challenges the Guild’s carefully laid plans.

Rolft Aerns’ return to the palace

Retired royal guard Rolft Aerns returns to the palace of King Axil, seeking revenge for past grievances. His return disrupts the already volatile situation in the palace, as his actions and motivations come into play.

Confrontation in Fostead

In the dark shadows of Fostead’s south end, the characters cross paths and engage in a tense confrontation. Their conflicting agendas clash, leading to violence and further complicating the plot.

Revelation of the murders

The discovery of multiple murders adds to the escalating tension and raises questions about the identity and motives of the unknown assailant. The murders shock the characters and drive them to pursue justice and revenge.

Key Characters


Raggett, as the leader of the Takers Guild, is at the center of the plot. His ambition and cunning drive the actions of the Guild and shape the narrative. Raggett’s character development is pivotal to the story, as he faces challenges and questions his loyalty to the Guild.


Alden serves as a loyal member of the Takers Guild. While not as prominent as Raggett, his choices and actions influence the direction of the story.


Brock’s loyalty to the Guild adds an element of brute strength and unpredictability to the narrative. As a member of the Guild, he becomes entangled in the violent events and must reckon with the consequences.

Rolft Aerns

Rolft Aerns, a retired royal guard, seeks revenge against King Axil. His actions and motivations add depth to the story, as he navigates his personal vendetta within the larger plot.

King Axil

King Axil represents the ruling power in the Kingdoms of Baelon. His decisions and actions have far-reaching consequences for the other characters, making him a key figure in the plot.

Prescient woman

The prescient woman possesses the ability to see into the future, providing her and her daughter with a unique advantage. Their presence challenges the plans of the Takers Guild and adds a supernatural element to the story.


The Takers Guild vs. the kingdoms of Baelon

The central conflict revolves around the Guild’s plot to overthrow the kingdoms of Baelon. Their actions stir up chaos and resistance as they clash with the existing powers.

Raggett vs. Alden and Brock

There is conflict within the Takers Guild itself, as Raggett clashes with Alden and Brock over their failure to bring Edwyn to the meeting. Their inability to work together smoothly creates tension and jeopardizes their plans.

Retribution sought by Rolft Aerns

Rolft Aerns seeks to settle a personal score with King Axil, driving his actions and creating conflict within the palace. His vendetta adds an additional layer of complexity to the narrative.

Unknown assailant vs. Guild members

The appearance of an unknown assailant who violently attacks the Guild members escalates the conflict. Their mysterious identity and motives create a sense of suspense and uncertainty throughout the story.

Writing Style

Descriptive language and imagery

The author, Robert A. Walker, employs descriptive language and imagery to bring the world of Baelon to life. Through vivid descriptions, readers are able to visualize the settings and characters, enhancing their engagement with the story.

Dialogue-driven narrative

The book excerpt showcases a dialogue-driven narrative style, with the characters engaging in conversations that reveal their motivations and advance the plot. The dialogue adds depth to the characters and allows readers to understand their perspectives and emotions.

Suspense and tension building

Walker builds suspense and tension throughout the story, keeping readers intrigued and on edge. The unexpected violence and the prescient woman’s interventions add to the sense of anticipation and uncertainty.

Character development

The characters in the excerpt demonstrate development and complexity, as their choices and actions shape the narrative. Raggett’s transformation from a confident leader to a vulnerable individual, as well as the conflict within the Guild, highlight the depth of the characters in the story.

In the world of “Six Moons, Seven Gods” by Robert A. Walker, the Takers Guild plots to overthrow the kingdoms of Baelon through cunning and deception. However, their plans are disrupted when a prescient woman and her daughter intervene, predicting and countering their every move. Retired royal guard Rolft Aerns returns to the palace of King Axil with a personal vendetta, further adding to the complex web of intrigue. The characters, including Raggett, Alden, and Brock, converge in Fostead’s south end, where violence erupts and the murder count rises. The themes of deception, ambition, betrayal, power, and revenge drive the intricate plot. The story unfolds against the backdrop of the Kingdoms of Baelon, with key settings including the Takers Guild hideout, the palace of King Axil, and the dark and dangerous streets of Fostead. The major events include the thwarting of the Guild’s plans, encounters with the prescient woman, Rolft Aerns’ return to the palace, a confrontation in Fostead, and the revelation of multiple murders. The characters, such as Raggett, Alden, Brock, Rolft Aerns, King Axil, and the prescient woman, navigate conflicts such as the Guild vs. the kingdoms of Baelon, Raggett vs. Alden and Brock, Rolft Aerns seeking retribution, and the unknown assailant vs. Guild members. The book excerpt showcases Walker’s descriptive language and imagery, dialogue-driven narrative, suspense and tension building, and nuanced character development. As readers immerse themselves in the world of “Six Moons, Seven Gods,” they are captivated by the unfolding story of ambition, power, and the consequences of deception.