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Q & A with Faith Erin Hicks

You’re in for a treat with this Q & A session featuring the talented author, Faith Erin Hicks! She has recently released a captivating YA graphic novel romance titled “Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy,” which takes us into the riveting world of hockey. The story revolves around the relationship between Alix, a teenage hockey player, and Ezra, a theater enthusiast who assists her in managing her anger. Inspired to tell a sports tale starring women, Hicks incorporates her personal connections to hockey, thanks to her husband and a friend. The novel also explores the significance of handling and expressing emotions, particularly anger, as various characters showcase different approaches to coping throughout the narrative. Hicks’s impressive ability to visually distinguish each of her works is evident in “Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy,” where she opts for a black-and-white style with pops of blue to enhance the emotional resonance of the romance. Although Hicks has been steadily churning out graphic novels, she has recently taken a breather and isn’t certain when her next book will hit the shelves. At present, she is working on an exciting new middle-grade graphic novel that draws inspiration from her experiences in animation college. So, let’s dive into this Q & A session and learn more about the incredible Faith Erin Hicks!

Q  A with Faith Erin Hicks

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Who is Faith Erin Hicks?

Faith Erin Hicks is an accomplished author known for her captivating graphic novels. She has gained recognition for her compelling storytelling and unique visual style. Hicks has a vast body of work that includes various genres, from fantasy to romance, making her a versatile writer.

Synopsis of Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy

Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy is Hicks’ newest YA graphic novel romance. The story revolves around Alix, a teenage hockey player, and Ezra, a theater enthusiast who helps her manage her anger. The novel delves into their relationship dynamics and explores the challenges they face as they navigate the worlds of hockey and drama.

Inspiration behind including hockey in the story

Hicks was determined to create a sports story with female protagonists. She recognized the lack of representation for women in sports narratives and wanted to address this imbalance. Moreover, Hicks had personal connections to hockey through her husband and a friend, which further fueled her passion to showcase the sport.

Exploration of managing and expressing emotions in the novel

An essential aspect of Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy is the exploration of managing and expressing emotions, particularly anger. The characters in the novel exhibit different methods of dealing with their emotions, emphasizing the importance of emotional awareness and control. Hicks skillfully portrays the complexities of these emotions and highlights the impact they have on the characters’ lives.

Distinct visual style of Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy

Faith Erin Hicks is well-known for her distinctive visual style. In Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy, she opts for a black-and-white aesthetic with pops of blue. This choice adds a unique visual dimension to the novel, enhancing the emotional resonance of the romantic storyline. Hicks’ visual style is both captivating and immersive, drawing readers into the world she has created.

Faith Erin Hicks’ career and work

Throughout her career, Faith Erin Hicks has consistently produced captivating graphic novels. Her ability to weave together compelling narratives and stunning illustrations has garnered her a dedicated fan following. Hicks had a remarkably productive first decade in the industry, but she recently slowed down, leaving fans uncertain about the release of her next book. However, she is currently working on a new middle-grade graphic novel, drawing inspiration from her experiences in animation college.

Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy

Overview of the novel

Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy centers around the lives of Alix, a talented teenage hockey player, and Ezra, a theater enthusiast. As Alix struggles to manage her anger on the ice, Ezra steps in to help her find a healthier outlet for her emotions. Their relationship takes center stage as they navigate their passion for hockey and drama, ultimately delving into the complexities of their emotions and the challenges they face.

Key themes and plot points

The novel tackles several key themes, including the importance of emotional management and expression, the dynamics of friendship and romance, and the empowerment of women in traditionally male-dominated spaces. This engaging narrative explores these themes through a multitude of plot points, including Alix’s journey to control her temper, Ezra’s unwavering support, and the conflicts and triumphs that arise within their respective passions.

Main characters and their relationship dynamics

At the heart of Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy are Alix and Ezra, two distinct yet complementary characters. Alix, the hockey player seeking control over her anger, finds solace and understanding in Ezra’s theater world. Their relationship dynamics become the backbone of the story, as their individual experiences and passions collide, creating a unique and captivating narrative of friendship, love, and personal growth.

Q  A with Faith Erin Hicks

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Inspiration and Personal Connections to Hockey

Reasons for choosing hockey as the sport in the story

Hicks chose hockey as the focus of the novel because she wanted to challenge the stereotypes and gender imbalances prevalent in sports narratives. By featuring female protagonists in a traditionally male-dominated sport, Hicks aims to promote inclusivity and diversity in storytelling. Furthermore, hockey’s physicality and intensity provide a rich backdrop for exploring themes of control, perseverance, and personal growth.

Personal connections to hockey

Hicks’s personal connections to hockey played a significant role in her decision to include the sport in the story. Her husband and a friend introduced her to the world of hockey, allowing her to experience it firsthand. These personal connections deepened her understanding and appreciation for the sport, and she wanted to share that love and passion through her graphic novel.

Exploring women’s representation in sports stories

By focusing on female characters in a sports narrative, Hicks aims to address the lack of representation for women in this genre. She believes that showcasing strong, relatable female athletes can inspire readers and challenge traditional gender roles. Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy serves as a testament to the power and resilience of women in sports, encouraging readers to challenge societal expectations and pursue their passions fearlessly.

Emotional Management and Expression

Importance of managing and expressing emotions in the novel

Managing and expressing emotions play a vital role in Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy. The characters grapple with various emotions, particularly anger, and navigate their impact on their relationships and personal growth. The novel emphasizes the significance of understanding and controlling emotions as a means of fostering healthier connections and personal development.

Different approaches to dealing with emotions

Throughout the story, Hicks presents a range of approaches to dealing with emotions. Some characters find solace in artistic expression, channeling their emotions into theater and creative outlets. Others explore physical outlets, like sports, to manage their emotional responses. These different approaches serve as a reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all method for coping with emotions, and each individual must find their own path to emotional well-being.

Character development and growth

As the characters navigate their emotional journeys, they experience significant growth and development. Alix’s journey to manage her anger leads to a deeper understanding of herself and her relationships. Ezra’s unwavering support for Alix helps him confront his own fears and insecurities. Each character’s emotional growth intertwines with their personal development, creating a rich and compelling narrative that resonates with readers.

Q  A with Faith Erin Hicks

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Visual Style of Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy

Description of the visual style

Faith Erin Hicks is celebrated for her distinctive visual style, and Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy is no exception. Hicks combines her remarkable artistic skills with a specific visual approach that captivates readers. Her illustrations are detailed and emotive, bringing the characters and their emotions to life.

Use of black-and-white with pops of blue

For Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy, Hicks chooses a black-and-white visual aesthetic with pops of blue. This deliberate choice adds depth and emotion to the storytelling, conveying the complexities of the characters’ experiences. The subtle use of color draws attention to significant moments and emotions, further immersing readers in the narrative.

Enhancing emotional resonance through visuals

Hicks’ visual style enhances the emotional resonance of the novel. The careful attention to detail and expressive illustrations effectively convey the characters’ emotions, allowing readers to connect more deeply with their experiences. The visuals serve as a powerful complement to the narrative, heightening the overall impact of Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy.

Faith Erin Hicks’ Career and Impact

Prolific pace of creating graphic novels

Throughout her career, Faith Erin Hicks has demonstrated an impressive ability to create graphic novels at a prolific pace. Her dedication and passion for storytelling have allowed her to produce a substantial body of work that resonates with readers. Hicks’ ability to consistently deliver well-crafted narratives has cemented her status as an influential figure in the graphic novel industry.

Recent slowdown and future book release uncertainty

Despite her early career success, Hicks recently experienced a slowdown in her output, leaving fans uncertain about the release of her next book. While the exact reasons for this shift in pace are unknown, Hicks’ dedication to her craft and commitment to producing quality work suggest that her next release will be worth the wait.

Upcoming middle-grade graphic novel

Currently, Hicks is working on a new middle-grade graphic novel that is loosely based on her experiences in animation college. Drawing from her own life, Hicks aims to create a relatable, heartfelt story that will resonate with young readers. This upcoming project showcases Hicks’ versatility as an author, as she continues to explore new genres and themes in her work.

Loose basis on experiences in animation college

Hicks draws inspiration from her time in animation college for her upcoming middle-grade graphic novel. This loose basis allows her to infuse authenticity and personal anecdotes into the story, creating a genuine and relatable narrative. By drawing from her own experiences, Hicks brings a unique perspective to her work, ensuring that her stories resonate with readers on a deeper level.

Faith Erin Hicks’ Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy presents a heartfelt exploration of the intersection between sports, emotions, and personal growth. Through the captivating relationship dynamics of Alix and Ezra, Hicks underscores the importance of managing and expressing emotions, challenges gender norms in sports narratives, and showcases her distinct visual style. As she continues to carve her path in the graphic novel industry, Faith Erin Hicks’ impact on storytelling remains both significant and promising.