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PNBA’s Fall Tradeshow Wraps Up with Stories and Candid Advice

The PNBA’s Fall Tradeshow in Portland, Oregon recently came to an end, marking another successful gathering for the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association. With 96 member stores in attendance, including 17 new bookstores, the event provided a platform for indie favorite Pacific Northwest creators to discuss their upcoming works. The tradeshow also featured a series of education sessions focused on topics such as fostering a committed team, bookseller wellness, and social media strategy. Additionally, several owners and managers of renowned bookstores shared their insights on creating collaborative and employee-centered businesses. Attendees exchanged valuable advice on building local and online networks, while also exploring the importance of creative benefits for building teamwork. This dynamic tradeshow allowed participants to glean valuable insights and inspiration, covering a wide range of topics from crisis management and store security to publishing industry news and book reviews.

PNBAs Fall Tradeshow Wraps Up with Stories and Candid Advice

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Author Breakfast and Bookseller Education Programming

The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association (PNBA) recently concluded its Fall Tradeshow in Portland, Oregon. This event featured an author breakfast and bookseller education programming, providing valuable insights and information for attendees.

Attendance and Participation

A total of 96 member stores, including 17 new bookstores, sent representatives to the tradeshow, resulting in a strong presence from the independent bookselling community. In total, there were 235 people in attendance, all eager to learn and engage in the various activities and sessions offered.

PNBAs Fall Tradeshow Wraps Up with Stories and Candid Advice

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Indie Favorite Pacific Northwest Creators

One of the highlights of the tradeshow was the opportunity to hear from and engage with indie favorite Pacific Northwest creators. These talented individuals shared insights and updates on their upcoming works, providing attendees with a glimpse into the artistic process and exciting new releases to look forward to.

Education Sessions

The education sessions at the tradeshow covered a variety of important topics for booksellers. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about fostering a committed team and bookseller wellness, recognizing the importance of building a positive and supportive work environment. The session on bookish events offered valuable tips and strategies for planning and executing successful events that engage the local community and promote a love for books.

Additionally, the tradeshow provided valuable insights into social media strategy, recognizing the power of digital platforms in connecting with readers and promoting book sales. Also covered was the topic of seasonal buying and displays, providing attendees with guidance on how to curate their inventory and create attractive displays that enhance the customer experience.

Lastly, one of the most crucial topics covered was crisis management. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from industry experts about best practices for preparing and handling various crises that can impact bookstores. This included strategies for mitigating damage from natural disasters, managing disruptive behavior, and dealing with other unforeseen challenges.

PNBAs Fall Tradeshow Wraps Up with Stories and Candid Advice

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PNBA’s Larry West Announces Move

In a surprising announcement, PNBA’s Larry West revealed that he would be moving to St. Louis. This news sparked interest and discussion among attendees, who were curious about the future direction of the organization. Larry West also expressed his intention to explore the possibility of opening a bookstore in St. Louis, highlighting his dedication to the industry and desire to continue contributing to the literary community.

Approaches to Collaborative and Employee-Centered Business

As part of the tradeshow, owner-managers of Broadway Books and Paulina Springs Books shared their approaches to creating a collaborative and employee-centered business. These sessions provided valuable insights into the best practices for fostering teamwork, empowering employees, and cultivating an environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to succeed.

Importance of Creative Benefits for Teamwork

During the tradeshow, the importance of incorporating creative benefits for team building and employee satisfaction was highlighted. The topic of pet insurance was discussed, recognizing how offering this benefit can enhance the well-being of employees by providing them with peace of mind regarding their furry friends’ health. Additionally, the idea of hosting game meetups as a team-building activity was explored, emphasizing the importance of fostering a positive and enjoyable work environment.

Strategies for Building Local and Online Networks

Booksellers at the tradeshow shared their strategies for building both local and online networks. The importance of personalized outreach was emphasized, with attendees recognizing the value of building relationships with local schools, libraries, and community organizations to foster engagement and drive book sales. Leveraging social media was also discussed as a powerful tool for connecting with readers and reaching a wider audience. Attendees also discussed the benefits of requesting links from authors, recognizing the mutual benefits of cross-promotion and collaboration.

Presentation on Crisis Preparation and Avoidance

Kim Hooyboer, ABA Director of Education, delivered a comprehensive presentation on crisis preparation and avoidance. Attendees gained valuable insights into developing emergency action plans and implementing security procedures to protect their bookstores and staff. The importance of proactive crisis management was underscored, as attendees discussed their experiences with various crises, including store damage, break-ins, disruptive behavior, and minor inconveniences. The session served as a reminder of the importance of being prepared and vigilant in today’s challenging and unpredictable world.

Sessions on Book Reviews, Publishing Industry News, and Notable Figures

As part of the tradeshow, attendees had the opportunity to attend sessions on a wide range of topics, including book reviews, publishing industry news, and notable figures in the publishing industry. These sessions provided valuable insights and updates on trends, new releases, and industry developments. Attendees had the chance to learn from experts and engage in discussions that fostered a deeper understanding of the book industry and its evolving landscape.

In conclusion, the PNBA Fall Tradeshow was a resounding success, offering attendees the opportunity to engage with indie favorite Pacific Northwest creators, learn from educational sessions, and gain valuable insights into various aspects of the bookselling industry. With strong attendance and participation from member stores, this tradeshow served as a platform for collaboration, education, and inspiration, ensuring that booksellers are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in an ever-changing and competitive market.