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Past Marvel Publisher and Former IDW Editor-In-Chief Start New Company

Get ready for a new player in the comic book publishing industry as former Marvel Comics publisher John Nee and former IDW editor-in-chief John Barber team up to launch their own company, PUG Worldwide. This exciting venture already has an impressive lineup of Marvel Comics and IDW veterans on board and has announced its first project: an oversized edition of Marvel Comics’ Conan titles from the ’70s. The collection, titled Conan the Barbarian: Colossal Edition, is just the beginning, with PUG Worldwide also working on a range of other projects, including a creator-owned comic, a line of 3D comics, a prose book, and even a tabletop role-playing game. The industry is buzzing with anticipation as PUG Worldwide aims to make a mark with its unique offerings.

Company Background

PUG Worldwide is a new comic book publishing company founded by former Marvel Comics publisher John Nee and former IDW editor-in-chief John Barber. The company, also known as Pan-Universal Galactic Worldwide, aims to make its mark in the industry by combining the experience and expertise of its founders and a team of seasoned professionals.

History of PUG Worldwide

PUG Worldwide was established in 2020 after John Nee left Marvel Comics and began consulting for various companies in the comic book and publishing industries. Recognizing an opportunity to create something new and exciting, Nee teamed up with John Barber and Nate Murray, former IDW employees, to bring PUG Worldwide to life.

Founders of PUG Worldwide

John Nee, the former publisher of Marvel Comics, brings years of experience in the industry to PUG Worldwide. His knowledge of the market and his passion for storytelling make him a valuable asset to the company.

John Barber, the former editor-in-chief of IDW, is known for his editorial expertise and his ability to identify compelling stories. With his creative vision, Barber adds a unique perspective to PUG Worldwide.

First Project: Conan the Barbarian: Colossal Edition

PUG Worldwide’s first project, titled “Conan the Barbarian: Colossal Edition,” is an oversized edition of Marvel Comics’ Conan titles from the 1970s. The project aims to capture the essence of Conan’s adventures in a visually stunning and collectible format.

Details of the Project

“Conan the Barbarian: Colossal Edition” is currently being crowdfunded on the platform Zoop. The collection will feature 11″ x 17″ scans of the iconic Conan artwork by legendary creators such as Barry Windsor-Smith, Jim Lee, John Buscema, Gil Kane, Neal Adams, and Arthur Adams. This edition will also include a forward from former Marvel editor-in-chief Roy Thomas, who played a significant role in shaping the publisher’s Conan titles during the ’70s.

Crowdfunding on Zoop

PUG Worldwide has chosen the crowdfunding platform Zoop to raise funds for the production and distribution of “Conan the Barbarian: Colossal Edition.” This approach allows fans and collectors to support the project directly and be a part of bringing this special edition to life.

Artwork and Contributors

The artwork featured in “Conan the Barbarian: Colossal Edition” is a testament to the talent and skill of the creators involved. The detailed and dynamic illustrations capture the raw power and intensity of Conan’s world, making this collection a must-have for fans and art enthusiasts alike.

Publishing Rights and Competition

The publishing rights to current and ongoing Conan titles are held by Titan Comics, who acquired the rights from Marvel Comics in 2022. This shift in ownership opened the door for Titan Comics to explore new stories and a fresh take on the Hyborean Age, the fictional setting of Conan’s adventures.

Current Conan Titles

With the publishing rights now held by Titan Comics, fans can look forward to a new era of Conan stories. This change in ownership has sparked excitement among fans and created an opportunity for fresh perspectives and storytelling.

Titan Comics and Marvel

The transfer of the Conan publishing rights from Marvel Comics to Titan Comics marked a significant change in the landscape of Conan’s comic book adventures. Both publishers have left their mark on the character, and this transition allows for new opportunities and collaborations that will shape the future of Conan.

New Take on the Hyborean Age

With PUG Worldwide’s “Conan the Barbarian: Colossal Edition” and Titan Comics’ acquisition of the publishing rights, fans can expect a fresh take on the Hyborean Age. This new direction brings together talented creators and opens the door to exciting storytelling possibilities.

Other Projects in the Works

In addition to “Conan the Barbarian: Colossal Edition,” PUG Worldwide has a range of other projects in development. These projects showcase the company’s diverse creative interests and commitment to delivering captivating stories and experiences.

Signa: A Creator-Owned Comic

“Signa” is a creator-owned comic by John Barber and artist Andrew Griffith. This project explores a unique and original world, showcasing the creativity and vision of its creators. With exciting characters and a captivating narrative, “Signa” promises to be a thrilling addition to the comic book landscape.

Line of 3D Comics

PUG Worldwide is also planning to release a line of 3D comics that offer a fully immersive reading experience. These comics will come with specialized glasses to enhance the visuals and create a sense of depth in the artwork. This innovative approach to storytelling pushes the boundaries of traditional comic book formats.

Prose Book: The Murder of Mr. Ma

“The Murder of Mr. Ma” is a prose book written by John Nee and SJ Rozan. This gripping mystery novel promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats as they unravel the secrets and solve the crime. With their combined talents, Nee and Rozan create a compelling narrative that will captivate fans of the genre.

Tabletop Role-Playing Game

PUG Worldwide’s in-house tabletop role-playing game, “Everyone Else Thinks This Game is Awesome,” offers players a chance to explore new worlds and embark on epic adventures. With imaginative storytelling and engaging gameplay mechanics, this game promises hours of entertainment for tabletop enthusiasts.

Release Dates and Future Plans

Currently, PUG Worldwide has not announced specific release dates for its upcoming projects. However, the company is actively working on bringing these projects to fruition and aims to deliver high-quality content that exceeds expectations.

Status of PUG Worldwide Projects

PUG Worldwide is actively developing and refining its projects to ensure that each one meets the company’s standards of excellence. With a team of dedicated professionals and industry veterans, PUG Worldwide is committed to delivering compelling stories and experiences for fans and readers.

Expected Release Dates

While specific release dates have not been announced, fans can look forward to experiencing the projects from PUG Worldwide in the near future. As the company continues to make progress, updates and announcements will be shared to keep fans informed and excited about what’s to come.


PUG Worldwide, founded by former Marvel Comics publisher John Nee and former IDW editor-in-chief John Barber, is set to make a splash in the comic book industry. With their diverse range of projects, including the crowdfunded “Conan the Barbarian: Colossal Edition,” PUG Worldwide is poised to captivate readers and fans alike. As the company continues to develop and refine its projects, fans can expect a new era of storytelling and innovation. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for the medium, PUG Worldwide is ready to take on the world of comics and create unforgettable experiences.