In the captivating and thrilling second installment of the Fireborn Epic series, “Of Sea and Smoke” by Gillian Bronte Adams, multiple storylines intertwine to bring readers on a fantastical journey. Focusing on the unique and powerful bond between characters and their horses, this book weaves a tale of betrayal, breathtaking journeys, and epic battles against formidable adversaries. As the characters navigate through treacherous waters, unresolved conflicts leave readers yearning for the resolution that still seems far off. With its fantastical elements and compelling plot, “Of Sea and Smoke” is a must-read for young adults aged 13-18 who seek an exciting escape into a vividly imaginative world.



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Main Characters

The main characters in “Of Sea and Smoke” are Character A and Character B. They are both brave and determined individuals who find themselves caught in a web of deception and danger. Each character possesses unique skills and strengths, making them essential to the overall plot of the story.

Supporting Characters

Supporting the main characters are Character C and Character D. These characters provide insight and guidance to the main protagonists, helping them navigate through their challenges. While their roles may not be as prominent as the main characters, they contribute to the overall development of the story and add depth to the narrative.



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Main Storylines

“Of Sea and Smoke” features multiple storylines that intertwine to create a complex and enthralling narrative. One of the main storylines follows Character A as they embark on a treacherous journey to uncover the truth behind a betrayal that threatens their world. Simultaneously, Character B finds themselves entangled in a battle against powerful enemies who seek to destroy everything they hold dear.

Conflict and Resolution

Throughout the book, the main characters face various conflicts and obstacles as they strive to overcome their adversaries. Betrayal lurks in every corner, and the characters must navigate treacherous alliances to find a resolution. They embark on physical and emotional journeys, facing battles that test their strength and resolve. Ultimately, it is their determination and the bonds they form with their horses that enable them to find a resolution, albeit temporary, to the conflicts they face.



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Geographical Locations

The world of “Of Sea and Smoke” encompasses vast geographical locations, ranging from majestic mountains to treacherous forests and vast oceans. Each setting is richly described, capturing the imagination of readers and immersing them in this fantastical realm. The diversity of these locations adds depth and intrigue to the story, providing a backdrop for the characters’ quests and adventures.

Atmosphere and Mood

The atmosphere in “Of Sea and Smoke” is one of tension and uncertainty. The characters exist in a world on the brink of chaos, where trust is scarce, and danger lurks at every turn. However, amidst the darkness, moments of hope and camaraderie shine through, creating a balance of both despair and resilience. The overall mood is one of anticipation and determination, as the characters fight against the forces that threaten to consume them.



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Importance of Horses

In “Of Sea and Smoke,” horses play a significant role in the lives of the characters. They are not merely modes of transportation but trusted companions and sources of strength. The characters rely on their horses for guidance, protection, and emotional support. The bond between the characters and their horses is deep-rooted and essential to their survival in a world rife with betrayal and danger.

Unique Powers

The horses in “Of Sea and Smoke” possess unique powers that make them invaluable to the characters. Some horses have the ability to communicate with their riders through a special bond, allowing for seamless communication and heightened intuition. Others possess supernatural strength or agility, aiding the characters in their battles and challenges. These extraordinary abilities contribute to the overall allure and magical essence of the story.


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Bond with Characters

The bond between the characters and their horses is unbreakable. Through shared experiences and mutual trust, the characters and their equine companions develop a profound connection. This bond goes beyond the physical and becomes a source of emotional support and guidance for both parties. The characters draw strength and courage from their horses, and in turn, the animals rely on the characters for love and protection.



Betrayal is a prevailing theme in “Of Sea and Smoke.” The characters face numerous instances of treachery, both from unexpected sources and from those they held dear. Betrayal tests their loyalties and forces them to question their own judgments. It serves as a driving force for the characters, propelling them on their journeys and motivating them to seek truth and justice.


Journeys, both physical and emotional, are central to the plot of “Of Sea and Smoke.” The characters embark on quests that take them across vast landscapes and push them to their limits. These journeys serve as catalysts for growth and self-discovery, as the characters face their fears and confront the darkness within themselves. The paths they tread are filled with danger, but they also lead to profound transformation and redemption.


Battles, both literal and metaphorical, define the struggles that the characters face in “Of Sea and Smoke.” They go head-to-head with powerful and ruthless foes, testing their mettle and resolve. These battles are not only fought with weapons but also with wit and resilience. They highlight the characters’ strengths and weaknesses and serve as benchmarks for their growth and development.

Writing Style

Fantasy Genre

“Of Sea and Smoke” falls under the fantasy genre, captivating readers with its imaginative and fantastical elements. The prose is vivid and descriptive, painting a detailed picture of the world and its inhabitants. The author weaves together intricate plotlines and rich character arcs, immersing readers in a world filled with magic, danger, and adventure.

Target Audience

The target audience for “Of Sea and Smoke” is primarily young adults aged 13-18. The book appeals to readers who enjoy epic fantasy narratives, where heroes battle against formidable odds. The writing style is accessible and engaging, capturing the attention of young readers while still appealing to older audiences. The themes explored in the story resonate with the challenges and experiences faced by teenagers, making it relatable and captivating.


Unresolved Conflicts

“Of Sea and Smoke” concludes with several unresolved conflicts. While the main characters have achieved short-term victories, the overarching threats still loom large, waiting to be confronted. Betrayals remain unaddressed, and the characters are left with lingering questions and uncertainties. These unresolved conflicts leave readers eager for the next installment in the series, yearning for answers and closure.

Future Resolution

The unresolved conflicts in “Of Sea and Smoke” foreshadow a future resolution in the next books of the series. The anticipation for the next installment grows as readers eagerly await the resolution of the characters’ struggles and the resolution of the overarching conflict that spans the Fireborn Epic series. The continuation of the series promises to provide closure and answers to the lingering questions, satisfying readers’ desire for resolution.

In conclusion, “Of Sea and Smoke” takes readers on a thrilling journey through a world of betrayal, battles, and personal growth. The main characters, with their unique strengths and bond with their horses, navigate treacherous paths and face powerful foes. The vivid and descriptive writing style brings the fantastical settings to life, immersing readers in a world of magic and danger. The unresolved conflicts and anticipation for future resolution make this book a gripping installment in the Fireborn Epic series, captivating readers and leaving them eager for more.