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Marvel’s Stormbreakers Celebrates its 20th Anniversary With Wolverine, Spider-Boy and More

Marvel’s Stormbreakers is commemorating its 20th anniversary with a lineup of variant covers featuring popular characters like Wolverine, Spider-Boy, and Scarlet Witch. The Stormbreakers program, which originated from Marvel’s Young Guns, highlights up-and-coming artists in the comic book industry. The January variant covers will pay homage to the original Young Guns piece from 2004 and showcase the talent of the current class of artists. These special covers form together to create an epic jam piece that celebrates 20 years of Marvel’s Stormbreakers.

Marvel’s Stormbreakers Celebrates its 20th Anniversary With Wolverine, Spider-Boy and More

Marvel’s Stormbreakers program, which highlights up-and-coming artists in the comic book industry, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Since its inception in 2004 as the Young Guns program, Stormbreakers has identified and showcased some of the most promising talents in the industry. To commemorate this milestone, Marvel has announced a series of special variant covers for January 2023, featuring characters like Wolverine, Spider-Boy, and Scarlet Witch, among others.

Stormbreakers’ 20-year history

The Stormbreakers program has a long and rich history, starting with the Young Guns program in 2004. This initiative aimed to shine a spotlight on young and talented artists who showed great potential in the comic book industry. Over the years, the program has evolved and rebranded as Stormbreakers, but its mission to promote the next generation of artists has remained the same.

January’s Stormbreakers variant covers

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Stormbreakers, Marvel has unveiled a series of variant covers for January 2023. These covers pay homage to the original Young Guns and feature the current class of artists, who were chosen for their exceptional talents and unique art styles. The covers come together to form an epic jam piece, reminiscent of the original Young Guns piece from 2004. Among the characters featured on these covers are Scarlet Witch, Spider-Punk, Wolverine, and the newest addition to the Spider-Verse, Spider-Boy.

The current class of artists paying homage to the original Young Guns

The current class of Stormbreakers artists is comprised of incredibly talented individuals who have already made a mark in the industry. Their art styles range from bold and dynamic to intricate and detailed, and they each bring a fresh perspective to the Marvel universe. With the January variant covers, these artists are paying homage to the original Young Guns, showcasing their skills and honoring those who paved the way for them.

Marvel’s Stormbreakers program in 2020

The Stormbreakers program officially launched in 2020 as a continuation of the Young Guns program. Marvel recognized the need to continue nurturing and promoting emerging artistic talents, and thus, Stormbreakers was born. Each year, a new class of artists is selected to be part of the program, showcasing their work through special themed variant covers and other projects. The program has been a resounding success, with fans and industry professionals applauding Marvel’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of comic book artists.

Special themed variant covers released by the Stormbreakers class

As part of the Stormbreakers program, each class of artists releases special themed variant covers throughout the year. These covers showcase the unique art styles and talents of the artists, allowing them to put their own spin on beloved characters and iconic scenes. The variant covers serve as a platform for the Stormbreakers artists to display their creativity and demonstrate why they are considered the future stars of the industry.

Artists who have participated in the program in the past

Over the years, numerous talented artists have participated in the Stormbreakers program. Renowned names like Steve McNiven, Jim Cheung, Sara Pichelli, and Ryan Stegman have all been part of this prestigious initiative. These artists have contributed to some of Marvel’s most memorable events and iconic series, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Their involvement in the program has not only elevated their careers but has also inspired and paved the way for future artists.

2023’s class of Stormbreakers artists

The 2023 class of Stormbreakers artists has been carefully selected based on their exceptional skills and unique artistic voices. This year’s roster includes Elena Casagrande, Nic Klein, Jan Bazaldua, Chris Allen, Martin Coccolo, Lucas Werneck, Federico Vicentini, and C.F. Villa. Each artist brings a distinct style and perspective to their work, showcasing the diversity of talent within the comic book industry.

Availability of the latest Stormbreakers Variant Covers

Marvel’s latest Stormbreakers variant covers will be available starting in January 2023. Fans can look forward to collecting these unique and visually stunning covers, which not only celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Stormbreakers program but also showcase the incredible talent of the current class of artists. These variant covers are sure to become highly sought-after collector’s items, so be sure to check with your local comic book shop for availability.

Source of information

The information for this article was sourced from Marvel’s official announcement and various news outlets covering the comic book industry. Marvel has a long history of fostering young talent and promoting diversity within the industry, and the Stormbreakers program is just one example of their commitment to this mission.

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