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Marvel’s Next King of Wakanda is Already the New Black Panther

Wakanda’s new king and Black Panther has arrived, and he brings a fresh perspective to the throne. In the upcoming Black Panther #6, written by Eve L. Ewing and illustrated by Mack Chater and Matt Horak, readers catch a glimpse of King M’Teli, who has not only assumed his place on the throne but also taken up the mantle of the Black Panther. Despite knowing little about this character, it is clear that the remnants of Wakanda’s secret police force, the Hatut Zeraze, are quick to follow his commands. With this new king, Wakanda’s future hangs in the balance as he faces a dark power from the nation’s past. The issue is set to release on November 8 and promises an exciting new chapter in the Black Panther legacy.

The Next Black Panther: King M’Teli

Introduction of the new King of Wakanda and Black Panther

Welcome to the exciting world of Wakanda, where we have a brand new king and Black Panther ready to take on the mantle of this iconic superhero. In the upcoming Black Panther #6, written by Eve L. Ewing and illustrated by Mack Chater and Matt Horak, we will get our first glimpse of King M’Teli, who has already assumed his place on the throne and as the next Black Panther. This article will explore the rich history of the Black Panther lineage, T’Challa’s recent struggles, and what we can expect from the future of the Black Panther series.

Wakanda’s Rich History of Black Panthers

The legacy of the Black Panther mantle

The Black Panther mantle has a long and storied history in Wakanda. It is a title that has been passed down from one reigning regent to another, with each individual gaining the superpowered abilities that come with the role. The first known Black Panther, named Mosi, was chosen by the panther spirit Bast and since then, numerous characters have taken on the mantle. This legacy is a testament to the strength and resilience of Wakanda and its people.

Previous characters who have taken on the role

While T’Challa has undoubtedly been the most popular character to assume the Black Panther role, there have been other individuals who have operated under that same mantle. Throughout various titles, readers have been introduced to both T’Challa’s predecessors and successors, each bringing their unique perspectives and contributions to the legacy of the Black Panther. This diverse cast of characters adds depth and complexity to the Black Panther mythos.

T’Challa’s Recent Struggles

Loss of throne and country

In recent storylines, T’Challa has faced significant challenges and losses. He has been stripped of his throne and left without a country to call his own. After relinquishing much of his political power to transition Wakanda to a parliamentary democracy, his sleeper agent program was revealed, causing further turmoil and questioning of his role as king. As a result, T’Challa was forced to leave his nation, leaving him without a clear path forward.

The sleeper agent program and its consequences

T’Challa’s decision to enact a sleeper agent program in secret has had severe consequences for him and Wakanda. The revelation of this program in a violent manner raised doubts about T’Challa’s leadership and caused him to be thrust out of the nation. The fallout from this revelation has deeply impacted T’Challa’s relationships with both his fellow Wakandans and his allies in the Avengers.

Falling out with the Avengers

T’Challa’s actions have also strained his relationship with the Avengers, leading to a falling out and ultimately costing him his position as chairperson of the team. Although he has since rejoined the Avengers under Carol Danvers’ leadership, the events surrounding his sleeper agent program have left a mark on his reputation and his standing among his superhero peers.

Black Panther #6

Details about the upcoming issue

In Black Panther #6, readers will gain insight into the current state of Wakanda under King M’Teli’s rule. The issue promises to shed light on a secret from Wakanda’s past, involving a deadly killer named Kivu’Ma that has been summoned by the crime lord Baba Nkisu. This storyline will likely test King M’Teli’s leadership and delve into the history and power of Wakanda, highlighting the challenges he will face as the new Black Panther.

Creative team behind the comic

Black Panther #6 is written by Eve L. Ewing, who is known for her insightful and thought-provoking storytelling. The art is brought to life by the talented duo of Mack Chater and Matt Horak, with inks by Craig Yeung, colors by Jesus Aburtov, and letters by VC’s Joe Sabino. This creative team is sure to deliver a visually stunning and emotionally resonant issue that expands upon the rich mythos of the Black Panther.

King M’Teli’s Leadership

First impressions of his reign

With King M’Teli now on the throne, Wakanda is poised for a new era of leadership. Although readers may not know much about this character yet, the preview for Black Panther #6 gives us a glimpse into his command of authority. The remnants of Wakanda’s secret police force, the Hatut Zeraze, quickly obey King M’Teli’s orders, highlighting his strong presence and ability to lead.

The influence of the Hatut Zeraze

The Hatut Zeraze, also known as the Midnight Angels, have played a significant role in Wakanda’s history. They were originally a secret police force under T’Challa’s rule, but their purpose and allegiance have shifted over time. With their loyalty now aligned with King M’Teli, their influence may shape his leadership style and the decisions he makes for Wakanda. The Hatut Zeraze’s involvement adds an intriguing layer to King M’Teli’s reign.

Challenges for the New Black Panther

Baba Nkisu and the threat to Wakanda

In Black Panther #6, readers will come face-to-face with Baba Nkisu, a notorious crime lord who poses a threat to Wakanda’s stability. Baba Nkisu’s summoning of the deadly killer, Kivu’Ma, introduces a new danger that King M’Teli must navigate. This challenge will test his ability to protect his country and wield the powers of the Black Panther effectively.

Exploring Wakanda’s dark power

The upcoming issue also promises to delve into the dark power that T’Challa must defend Wakanda from. This exploration of Wakanda’s past and the hidden forces that lie within its borders will likely shed light on the history and mythology of the Black Panther mantle. King M’Teli will need to confront these dark powers and find a way to ensure the safety and prosperity of his people.

The Future of Black Panther

Implications for the character and the ongoing series

With King M’Teli assuming the role of Black Panther, the future of this iconic character and series is filled with possibilities. This change in leadership presents an opportunity to explore new storylines and developments that will shape the Black Panther mythos for years to come. As readers, we can look forward to seeing how King M’Teli’s reign and the challenges he faces will impact the ongoing narrative.

Potential storylines and developments

The introduction of King M’Teli opens the door to a range of potential storylines and developments. We may witness his struggles to establish himself as a worthy leader, his efforts to protect Wakanda from internal and external threats, and his exploration of the Black Panther legacy. Additionally, the consequences of T’Challa’s actions and his journey towards redemption may continue to play a significant role in shaping the future of the Black Panther series.

Eve L. Ewing as Black Panther’s Writer

Insights into the writer’s approach and style

Eve L. Ewing brings her unique storytelling abilities to the world of Black Panther. Known for her thought-provoking work, Ewing’s writing is expected to provide a fresh perspective on the character and the challenges he faces. Her storytelling is likely to explore deeper themes related to power, responsibility, and the complexities of leadership. With Ewing at the helm, readers can anticipate a narrative that is both compelling and socially relevant.

Artistic Team for Black Panther #6

The talents behind the illustrations, inks, colors, and letters

Black Panther #6 features a talented artistic team that brings the story to life with stunning visuals. Mack Chater and Matt Horak’s illustrations capture the essence of Wakanda and its inhabitants, while Craig Yeung’s inks add depth and detail to the artwork. Jesus Aburtov’s colors enhance the mood and atmosphere of the narrative, creating a visually immersive experience. VC’s Joe Sabino’s letters add the final touch, guiding readers through the story with expert precision and clarity.


Final thoughts on the next King of Wakanda and the future of Black Panther

The introduction of King M’Teli as the new Black Panther brings a fresh perspective to Wakanda and the ongoing Black Panther series. With T’Challa’s recent struggles and King M’Teli now taking the reins, readers are in for an exciting journey filled with challenges, exploration, and the timeless themes that make Black Panther such a beloved character. As we eagerly await the release of Black Panther #6, we can look forward to discovering the impact of King M’Teli’s reign and the future of Wakanda.