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Leading Christian Authors Look to Little Readers

Leading Christian authors, such as Michael Todd, N.T. Wright, Granger Smith, and Sharon Garlough Brown, are turning their attention to young readers by launching new children’s books. N.T. Wright, a retired bishop and renowned Bible scholar, aims to present the Bible as a living and breathing story through his book “God’s Big Picture Storybook Bible.” Granger Smith, a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, has written “Up Toward the Light,” which explores themes of grief and love. Michael Todd, author of “Relationship Goals,” has created a children’s version titled “A Cup of Love.” Finally, Sharon Garlough Brown, author of the bestselling Sensible Shoes series, introduces “Not Finished Yet,” a children’s book that delves into the childhood of one of her novel characters. These authors are dedicated to guiding young readers in their faith journeys and helping them develop a deeper understanding of God’s love and the power of prayer.

Leading Christian Authors Look to Little Readers

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Leading Christian Authors Launch Children’s Books

In recent years, there has been a notable trend among leading Christian authors to venture into the realm of children’s literature. Prominent figures such as N.T. Wright, Granger Smith, Michael Todd, and Sharon Garlough Brown are all putting their pens to paper to create books that introduce faith to young readers. These authors, known for their contributions to adult-focused Christian literature, are now seeking to open the doors to faith for little ones and provide them with engaging, meaningful stories that align with their own spiritual journeys.

N.T. Wright’s God’s Big Picture Storybook Bible

One of the most highly-anticipated children’s books of this new wave is N.T. Wright’s “God’s Big Picture Storybook Bible.” Wright, a renowned Bible scholar and retired bishop, has spent much of his career delving into the deep theological aspects of Christianity. With this new project, he aims to simplify the complex narrative found in the Bible and present it in a way that children can comprehend and engage with.

The purpose of Wright’s “God’s Big Picture Storybook Bible” is to help children understand the overarching story of the Bible and how it relates to their own lives. By presenting biblical stories in a cohesive, interconnected manner, Wright hopes to inspire young readers to view the Bible as a living, breathing narrative rather than a mere collection of unrelated stories. Themes such as redemption, love, and God’s faithfulness are woven throughout the book to convey the core messages of the Christian faith.

Granger Smith’s Up Toward the Light

For Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Granger Smith, the inspiration behind his children’s book “Up Toward the Light” comes from a deeply personal place. Tragedy struck Smith’s life when his three-year-old son passed away in a drowning accident, an event that forever changed his perspective on life and faith. In his first book for adults, titled “Like a River: Finding the Faith and Strength to Move Forward After Loss and Heartache,” Smith shares his journey of grief and healing.

Now, Smith is channeling his experiences into a children’s book that addresses the difficult topic of loss and grief. “Up Toward the Light” follows the conversation between a young boy and a tree, exploring themes of love, joy, and finding hope in the face of adversity. Smith’s storytelling prowess shines through in this book, as he skillfully navigates the delicate balance between addressing heavy emotions and nurturing a sense of resilience and optimism in young readers.

Michael Todd’s A Cup of Love

Building upon the success of his bestselling book “Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex,” pastor Michael Todd has turned his attention to young readers with his children’s book, “A Cup of Love.” Todd’s previous work resonated with adult audiences, providing practical insights and guidance on building healthy relationships. With “A Cup of Love,” he aims to instill similar principles of love and connection in children.

One of the unique aspects of “A Cup of Love” is its connection to Todd’s larger brand, Relationship Goals. The book explores how a strong foundation of love and faith in God can overflow into the love parents have for their children. Through delightful storytelling and relatable characters, Todd teaches children the importance of love, forgiveness, and kindness in their relationships with others. By introducing these concepts at an early age, he hopes to lay the groundwork for healthy, fulfilling relationships in the future.

Sharon Garlough Brown’s Not Finished Yet

Sharon Garlough Brown, known for her bestselling Sensible Shoes series and other spiritually-focused novels, is now entering the realm of children’s literature with her book “Not Finished Yet.” This unique book is a prequel to one of Brown’s leading novel characters, Wren, and provides readers with a glimpse into the character’s childhood.

“Not Finished Yet” explores the background of Wren, a young girl who discovers her passion for painting in her grandmother’s art studio. Through the medium of art, Wren learns to express herself and connect with God on a deeper level. Themes of creativity, self-discovery, and the power of prayer are interwoven throughout the story, offering young readers a valuable lesson in the importance of embracing their unique gifts and using them to communicate with God.

Why Leading Christian Authors are Writing Children’s Books

The decision of leading Christian authors to venture into the realm of children’s literature stems from a desire to introduce faith to young readers in an engaging and accessible way. These authors recognize the importance of planting seeds of faith at an early age and believe that children’s books can serve as powerful tools for nurturing the spiritual development of young minds.

By creating children’s books, these authors are provided with an opportunity to reach an audience that may not have been exposed to their previous works. Children’s literature has the ability to captivate and inspire young readers, igniting a curiosity and thirst for knowledge about God and the Christian faith. Through the pages of their books, these authors hope to not only entertain but also spark meaningful conversations about faith and spirituality.

Leading Christian Authors Look to Little Readers

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The Importance of Opening the Doors to Faith for Little Ones

Opening the doors to faith for little ones is crucial in establishing a strong foundation of faith that will carry them through their lives. Just as children learn the basics of language, math, and science at a young age, it is essential to introduce them to the teachings of Christianity to provide them with a solid understanding of their beliefs.

By fostering a love for reading and learning about God from a young age, children are more likely to carry this passion into adulthood. Early exposure to Christian literature can instill a sense of curiosity, wonder, and awe towards God, creating a lifelong connection to faith. Children’s books that are engaging, relatable, and spiritually enriching serve as stepping stones for young readers to explore the depths of their faith and develop a personal relationship with God.

Notable Christian Authors Joining the Movement

In addition to the leading Christian authors mentioned previously, there are several other prominent figures in the Christian literary scene who are also making their foray into children’s literature. These authors, known for their impactful contributions in the adult-focused Christian book market, are now channeling their talents towards creating meaningful stories for young readers.

The decision for these authors to write children’s books stems from a shared desire to reach a wider audience and extend the boundaries of their impact. Through their works, they aim to inspire and ignite the spiritual curiosity of young readers, planting seeds of faith that will cultivate a lifelong relationship with God.

Leading Christian Authors Look to Little Readers

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The Significance of IVP Kids

One notable development in the realm of Christian children’s literature is the introduction of IVP Kids. This publishing imprint, under the umbrella of InterVarsity Press (IVP), focuses specifically on producing high-quality, spiritually enriching books for young readers. IVP Kids aims to create a diverse range of books that introduce children to the beauty of the Gospel and help them develop a solid understanding of their faith.

IVP Kids collaborates with established authors, such as Sharon Garlough Brown, to bring their unique storytelling abilities and spiritual insights to the world of children’s literature. By providing a platform for these authors, IVP Kids strives to meet the growing demand for spiritually relevant and engaging books that resonate with young readers.


The impact of leading Christian authors on little readers cannot be overstated. Through their thoughtful and engaging children’s books, these authors are opening the doors to faith for young minds, laying a strong foundation for their spiritual journey. By weaving together themes of love, redemption, and self-discovery, these books offer children a glimpse into the transformative power of faith.

The future of children’s books in the Christian market holds immense potential. As more and more leading Christian authors turn their attention to young readers, the availability of spiritually enriching literature will continue to grow. Through these books, children are given the opportunity to explore their faith, ask questions, and develop a deeply personal relationship with God. The impact of these books extends far beyond childhood, shaping the lives and worldviews of their readers for years to come.