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Keren Baltzer Moves to Zondervan

Keren Baltzer, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in Christian publishing, has recently been appointed as the associate publisher of Zondervan Books. Previously serving as the v-p and editorial director at Penguin Random House’s Convergent and Image imprints, Baltzer brings a wealth of expertise to her new role. She will primarily focus on acquisitions and contribute to the editorial strategy at Zondervan. With a passion for publishing books that offer profound transformation and hope, Baltzer aims to provide readers with grounded, Christ-centered answers. In her pursuit of deep spiritual formation and a resilient theology, she plans to explore various categories, such as spiritual formation, narrative nonfiction, social commentary, memoir, thought leaders, pop culture/celebrity, and health & wellness. Through her work, Baltzer hopes to create a refuge for readers amidst the chaos of a noisy world and invite them into a reading experience that brims with freedom and joy. Reporting to Webster Younce, the v-p and publisher of Zondervan Books, Baltzer is excited to contribute to the ongoing conversation within the church and publish books that offer the answers readers seek.

Keren Baltzer Moves to Zondervan

Keren Baltzer Moves to Zondervan

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Background and Experience

Keren Baltzer, a well-respected figure in Christian publishing, has recently made a significant move in her career. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Baltzer has held prominent roles at Penguin Random House’s Convergent and Image imprints, as well as at Hachette’s Faithwords imprint. Throughout her career, Baltzer has had the opportunity to work with esteemed authors such as Kate Bowler, Pope Francis, and the Henri Nouwen estate. Her extensive background in Christian publishing has made her a valuable asset to the industry.

New Role at Zondervan

Baltzer’s move to Zondervan Books marks a new chapter in her career. She has been appointed as the Associate Publisher, where she will bring her expertise in acquisitions and editorial strategy to the table. In this role, Baltzer will be responsible for identifying compelling books, evaluating book proposals, and developing a strong editorial strategy. Her years of experience in the industry make her well-equipped to tackle these responsibilities with precision and efficiency.

Keren Baltzer Moves to Zondervan

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Acquisitions and Editorial Strategy

One of the key focuses of Baltzer’s new role at Zondervan is acquisitions. She will be actively seeking out books that not only tell a great story but also elicit a strong transformational, hopeful response in readers. Baltzer’s ability to identify compelling books that resonate with the target audience will play a crucial role in the success of Zondervan’s publishing endeavors. Additionally, she will be evaluating book proposals and working closely with authors and agents to ensure that the books published under Zondervan meet the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

Categories of Focus

Baltzer’s vision for Zondervan encompasses a broad range of categories, each of which holds its own significance in the world of Christian publishing. Some of the categories she will be focusing on include spiritual formation, narrative nonfiction, social commentary, memoir, thought leaders, pop culture/celebrity, and health & wellness. By covering these diverse categories, Zondervan aims to cater to the wide range of interests and needs within the Christian community.

Keren Baltzer Moves to Zondervan

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Baltzer’s Vision for Zondervan

As Associate Publisher, Baltzer brings a clear vision for Zondervan Books. She believes that the church is currently facing a reckoning, and that Christians are in need of orthodox, Christ-centered answers that can guide them towards deeper spiritual formation and a deeply rooted theology. Baltzer’s goal is to publish books that provide readers with grounded and solid answers, offering them a place of refuge and comfort in the chaos of the world. Additionally, she hopes to create a reading experience that invites freedom and joy, allowing readers to find solace and inspiration in Zondervan’s publications.

Reporting Structure

In her new role, Baltzer will be reporting to Webster Younce, the Vice President and Publisher of Zondervan Books. This reporting structure ensures a smooth flow of communication and collaboration between the two positions. Baltzer and Younce will work closely together to drive the acquisition and editorial strategy of Zondervan, leveraging their combined expertise to bring the best possible books to the market.

PW’s View on the Move

Keren Baltzer’s move to Zondervan has garnered attention within the industry. Publishers Weekly (PW) recognizes the significance of her appointment and believes that her expertise and experience will be highly valuable to Zondervan Books. This move signals Zondervan’s commitment to expanding its presence in the Christian publishing market and delivering high-quality books that resonate with readers.

Baltzer’s Upcoming Projects

As Associate Publisher, Baltzer has several exciting projects and collaborations in the pipeline. Key projects and authors to watch include those in the spiritual formation, narrative nonfiction, and memoir categories. Zondervan is set to release a number of highly anticipated books in the coming months, creating buzz and generating interest among readers.

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

While Baltzer’s move to Zondervan brings new opportunities, it also presents challenges. The publishing industry is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve requires adaptability and innovation. Baltzer’s vision and strategic thinking will be instrumental in navigating these challenges and ensuring that Zondervan remains at the forefront of the Christian publishing landscape.


Keren Baltzer’s move to Zondervan as Associate Publisher marks an exciting new chapter in her career. With her extensive background and experience in Christian publishing, Baltzer is well-positioned to drive the acquisitions and editorial strategy at Zondervan Books. Her vision for the company, along with her commitment to providing readers with grounded, solid answers and a joyful reading experience, will shape the future of Zondervan. As she takes on this new role, Baltzer looks forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead, confident in her ability to lead Zondervan to continued success in the industry.