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Interview with Allyson Lindt, Author of Dev Girl

In this captivating interview with Allyson Lindt, the author of “Dev Girl,” she discusses the inspiration behind the story and her favorite genre to write. Lindt reveals that she loves small town stories and wanted to tell a tale of three friends who reunite through a scavenger hunt. She also shares that her favorite genre to read and write is contemporary anything, such as romance, fiction, and fantasy. Lindt’s writing process involves going to coffee shops in the early morning with a large coffee and a blueberry muffin, setting the perfect atmosphere for her words to flow. Throughout the interview, Lindt provides insights into her writing habits, favorite scenes, and advice for readers of “Dev Girl.”

Interview with Allyson Lindt, Author of Dev Girl

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Background and Inspiration

Story Behind ‘Dev Girl’

The story behind ‘Dev Girl’ is one of small town charm and unique connections. Author Allyson Lindt wanted to explore the idea of three close friends who had grown apart as they got older. She wanted to delve into their journey of rediscovering their bond and realizing that their past couldn’t be severed. Lindt was inspired by the special closeness that can be found in small towns, where everyone knows each other and there is a strong sense of community. She wanted to capture this feeling in her book and create a story that would resonate with readers.

Inspiration for Writing the Book

Lindt’s inspiration for writing ‘Dev Girl’ came from her love of small town stories and the connection between people. She wanted to explore the idea of a bond that couldn’t be broken and tell a story of friendship and rediscovery. The concept of a scavenger hunt as a catalyst for bringing the characters back together was also a source of inspiration for Lindt. She wanted to create a fun and engaging adventure that would not only bring the characters closer, but also captivate readers.

Themes and Characters

Themes Explored in ‘Dev Girl’

‘Dev Girl’ explores several themes throughout the story. One of the main themes is the power of friendship and the importance of maintaining connections with the people we care about. The book also delves into the theme of self-discovery and finding one’s place in the world. Lindt explores the idea that it is never too late to rediscover who we are and where we belong. Another theme explored in ‘Dev Girl’ is the idea of embracing change and being willing to adapt. Lindt encourages readers to be open to new experiences and to embrace the unknown.

Theme Songs for the Main Characters

Lindt has chosen theme songs for each of the main characters in ‘Dev Girl’ that capture their personalities and journeys. For Onyx, the song “Never There” by Cake represents his longing for his best friends and the feeling of being disconnected. Alys’s theme song is “Could’ve Been Me” by The Struts, which reflects her fear of missing out and the risks she takes to avoid it. Maddox’s theme song is “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure, which showcases his lighthearted and fun-loving nature.

Interview with Allyson Lindt, Author of Dev Girl

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Reading and Writing Preferences

Favorite Genre to Read

Lindt’s favorite genre to read is contemporary fiction in all its forms, including romance, fantasy, and urban fantasy. She enjoys diving into stories that explore relatable characters and relatable experiences.

Favorite Genre to Write

Lindt’s favorite genre to write is the same as her favorite genre to read: contemporary fiction. She loves crafting stories that resonate with readers and evoke a range of emotions. Lindt also mentions that while she loves to write urban fantasy, she tends to read more of it than she writes.

Books on TBR Pile Right Now

Up next on Lindt’s to-be-read pile is “A Moonlit Serenade” by Alexa Padgett. Lindt is always on the lookout for new and exciting books to dive into and is constantly adding to her TBR pile.

Favorite Scenes and Quirky Habits

Favorite Scene to Write

One of Lindt’s favorite scenes to write in ‘Dev Girl’ is the one where the main characters gather with their friends to recreate the album cover for “Exit Stage Left” by Rush. This scene is filled with non-stop banter and fun, and Lindt enjoyed immersing herself in the playful dynamic between the characters.

Quirky Writing Habits

Lindt has a quirky writing habit of preferring to write in coffee shops. She enjoys the atmosphere and finds that being in a different environment helps her focus and find inspiration. She likes to rotate between a few favorite coffee shops and prefers to write early in the morning. Lindt also mentions that a large coffee and a blueberry muffin are her go-to writing fuel.

Interview with Allyson Lindt, Author of Dev Girl

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Personal Philosophy

Motto, Quote, or Philosophy

Lindt’s personal philosophy is to always be willing to adapt. She believes that life is constantly changing, and being open to new experiences and willing to adapt is essential for personal growth and happiness.

Message for Readers

After reading ‘Dev Girl,’ Lindt hopes that readers will remember that it’s not always easy to figure out who we are and where we belong, but when we do, it’s worth it. She wants readers to feel inspired to embrace their own journeys of self-discovery and to value the connections they have with others.

About the Author

Author’s Background

Allyson Lindt is the author of ‘Dev Girl’ and a lover of contemporary fiction in all its forms. She has a passion for crafting stories that resonate with readers and create heartfelt connections. Lindt finds inspiration in small town stories and the unique connections that can be found within them. She strives to capture the essence of these connections in her writing and create stories that evoke a range of emotions.

Connect with Allyson Lindt

Readers can connect with Allyson Lindt through her author site, Facebook, and Twitter. Stay up to date with her latest releases and connect with her on social media to join in on discussions about her books and writing process.

Interview with Allyson Lindt, Author of Dev Girl

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