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In Conversation: Angela and Tony DiTerlizzi

In their first picture book collaboration, Angela and Tony DiTerlizzi have created “A Very Cranky Book,” a metafictional comedy about an ornery book. In this interview, Angela and Tony discuss their creative partnership and the importance of humor in their work. They share how they brought the character of Cranky to life through their collaboration, and how their shared love for laughter has shaped their storytelling. With humor, heart, and empathy, Angela and Tony aim to bring joy and lasting memories to their readers’ lives.

In Conversation: Angela and Tony DiTerlizzi

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Introduction: Angela and Tony DiTerlizzi

Welcome to an exploration of the creative partnership between Angela and Tony DiTerlizzi, two talented individuals who have made significant contributions to the world of picture books. Angela DiTerlizzi is an accomplished author, known for her works such as “The Magical Yet,” “Some Bugs,” and “Just Add Glitter.” Tony DiTerlizzi, on the other hand, is a renowned creator of picture books, with notable titles including “The Spider and the Fly,” “Kenny & the Dragon,” the WondLa trilogy, and the Spiderwick Chronicles.

Angela DiTerlizzi: Author of picture books

Angela DiTerlizzi’s captivating writing style has captured the hearts of young readers around the world. Her ability to craft engaging stories filled with imagination and wonder is evident in her popular books such as “The Magical Yet,” “Some Bugs,” and “Just Add Glitter.” Through her words, Angela has created worlds that inspire creativity, curiosity, and a love for reading.

In Conversation: Angela and Tony DiTerlizzi

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Tony DiTerlizzi: Creator of picture books

Tony DiTerlizzi is a highly talented creator of picture books who has left an indelible mark on the industry. Known for his breathtaking illustrations and captivating storytelling, Tony has brought to life memorable characters and immersive worlds. His works, including “The Spider and the Fly,” “Kenny & the Dragon,” the WondLa trilogy, and the Spiderwick Chronicles, have enchanted readers of all ages.

Creative Partnership: 30 years together

Angela and Tony DiTerlizzi’s creative partnership has spanned over 30 years, a testament to their shared vision and love for storytelling. Although they have individually pursued their careers in the world of picture books, it has taken them this long to officially collaborate on a project. Their first joint venture, “A Very Cranky Book,” showcases their unique talents and marks a significant milestone in their creative journey together.

In Conversation: Angela and Tony DiTerlizzi

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Importance of Humor: A constant in their life and work

Humor plays a central role in both Angela and Tony’s lives and creative endeavors. They believe in the power of laughter to uplift spirits, bring joy, and foster connections. Their shared appreciation for humor has not only shaped their personal lives but has also influenced the tone and themes present in their work. By infusing humor into their stories, they aim to create engaging, entertaining, and memorable experiences for their readers.

Tony’s Influence: Angela’s impact on Tony’s career

Throughout Tony DiTerlizzi’s career, Angela has played a significant role in shaping his artistic journey. From his early days illustrating for Dungeons & Dragons to his collaboration with Holly Black on “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” Angela’s influence has been instrumental. Her feedback, input, and unwavering support have pushed Tony to explore new creative avenues and elevate his craft to new heights.

Collaboration on The Spiderwick Chronicles

One of the most notable collaborations between Angela and Tony DiTerlizzi is their work on “The Spiderwick Chronicles.” Angela’s keen storytelling instincts and her ability to create compelling characters served as a guiding force for Tony as he brought their shared vision to life through his breathtaking illustrations. Together, they crafted an immersive world that captivated readers and solidified their reputation as a dynamic creative duo.

A Very Cranky Book: An overview of their first picture book collaboration

“A Very Cranky Book” represents Angela and Tony DiTerlizzi’s first official collaboration as authors and illustrators. This metafictional comedy revolves around an ornery book and explores difficult emotions. Through their storytelling and artwork, the DiTerlizzis aim to foster empathy and create a safe space for young readers to acknowledge and embrace their own emotional complexities.

Angela’s Vision for Cranky: Initial expectations for Tony’s art

Initially, Angela had a different vision for Tony’s artwork in “A Very Cranky Book.” She imagined a more graphic style that could easily convey the raw emotion of crankiness. However, after numerous sketches and conversations, her expectations evolved. She came to appreciate the beauty and complexity of Tony’s detailed illustrations, which brought the character of Cranky and his world to life in a uniquely captivating way.

Tony’s Artistic Direction: Exploring different mediums and styles

Tony DiTerlizzi’s artistic direction in “A Very Cranky Book” took him out of his comfort zone, allowing him to explore different mediums and styles. Angela’s suggestion of drawing features on photographs of actual books pushed Tony to think outside the box and experiment with new techniques. This innovative representation of Cranky created a visually striking connection with readers, reminiscent of beloved characters from popular animated films.

Conclusion: Laughter as a constant in their lives

Laughter has been a constant presence in the lives of Angela and Tony DiTerlizzi. It has served as a source of inspiration, a tool for creative expression, and a means of connection with others. Through their collaborative efforts, they strive to bring laughter and joy to their readers, particularly in challenging times. The importance of humor in their work underscores their belief in its power to uplift, entertain, and create lasting memories. In a world that often feels dire, Angela and Tony DiTerlizzi offer a reminder of the importance of finding humor and lightness in the midst of it all.

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