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EXCLUSIVE: Transformers #5 Covers Tease the Location of Megatron

Get ready to uncover the whereabouts of the notorious Decepticon leader, Megatron, in the upcoming fifth issue of Skybound’s Transformers comic book series. The variant covers for this exciting installment offer tantalizing hints about Megatron’s fate, leaving fans eager to explore the current circumstances surrounding this iconic villain. The issue, set for release in early 2024, will witness the revival of Megatron by the conniving Starscream, introducing a new wave of terror on Earth. The main cover, created by Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer, conveys Optimus Prime’s shock as he realizes Megatron may not be as dormant as he believed. With the inclusion of other familiar Decepticons and the compelling storyline, readers can anticipate an electrifying adventure in the Transformers universe.

Transformers #5 Covers Tease the Location of Megatron

The fifth issue of Skybound’s Transformers ongoing comic book is set to reveal the current circumstances of the most dangerous Decepticon ever – Megatron. Variant covers for the upcoming issue have sparked excitement among fans, as they may offer hints about one of the series’ biggest secrets. Transformers #5, scheduled for release on February 14, 2024, will shed light on Megatron’s fate, with the main cover providing a glimpse of his presence. The setup is reminiscent of the original Transformers movie and the Transformers: Animated series, adding an extra level of anticipation for fans.

Cover Variants and Release Dates

Transformers #5 boasts a variety of cover variants, each offering a unique visual depiction of the series’ iconic characters. The covers include:

  • Cover A by Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer: This variant showcases the artistic talent of Johnson and Spicer, who provide a stunning portrayal of the Transformers universe.
  • Cover B by James Stokoe: Stokoe’s cover presents an alternative artistic interpretation of the characters, capturing the attention of fans with his distinctive style.
  • Cover C (1:10 Copy Incentive – Connecting) by Orlando Arocena: Arocena’s cover is a special incentive variant that connects with other issues in the series, creating a visually cohesive narrative.
  • Cover D (1:25 Copy Incentive) by Natacha Bustos: Bustos’ cover is an exclusive incentive variant, available in limited quantities, making it a must-have for collectors.
  • Cover E (1:50 Copy Incentive) by Karl Kerschl: Kerschl’s cover is an extremely rare variant, intended for the most dedicated Transformers fans and collectors.

These cover variants contribute to the excitement surrounding the release of Transformers #5, with each offering a unique glimpse into the world of the Transformers.

Skybound’s Transformers Series in the Energon Universe

The Transformers series is part of Skybound’s new Energon Universe, a shared universe within the comic book world. The Energon Universe explores the Transformers’ existence and their reliance on the fuel source known as Energon. The series began with Void Rivals, in which the iconic Transformer Jetfire made an appearance. Duke #1 and Cobra Commander #1 are two upcoming series set to expand upon this universe, with Duke #1 set to release in December and Cobra Commander #1 scheduled for January 2024. The Energon Universe promises to captivate fans with its unique take on the Transformers mythology.

The Fate of Megatron

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the current Transformers series is the absence of Megatron. The fifth issue, however, is set to delve into his fate and reveal the circumstances surrounding his absence. Flashbacks in Transformers #2 gave fans glimpses of Megatron’s past, but his current whereabouts remained unknown. In Transformers #5, the fiendish Starscream finally revives Megatron, setting the stage for a new wave of terror to be unleashed upon the Earth. Fans eagerly await the revelation of Megatron’s fate and the impact it will have on the series.

The Significance of Megatron’s Return

Megatron holds a pivotal role in the Transformers universe as the leader of the Decepticons. His absence in the current series has left fans speculating about the direction the story will take. The setup of Megatron’s return in Transformers #5 draws parallels to both the original Transformers movie and the Transformers: Animated series. In both instances, Megatron’s reappearance marked a turning point in the story, introducing new conflicts and challenges for the Autobots. As fans prepare for Megatron’s return, they await the impact it will have on the Transformers universe.

The Main Cover

One of the most exciting aspects of Transformers #5 is the main cover, which hints at Megatron’s presence. The artwork, created by Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer, captures the shock and horror of Optimus Prime upon realizing that his old nemesis may not be as distant as he had believed. The main cover sets the tone for the upcoming issue and generates anticipation among fans, who eagerly await the confrontation between Optimus Prime and Megatron.


Transformers #5 holds the promise of a thrilling revelation regarding Megatron’s current circumstances. Fans are eagerly anticipating the issue’s release, as it will shed light on one of the series’ biggest secrets. The inclusion of cover variants adds to the excitement, offering fans a variety of artistic interpretations of the Transformers universe. Additionally, the series’ connection to the Energon Universe expands the mythology and provides a rich storytelling landscape for future stories. With Megatron’s return on the horizon, fans are buzzing with anticipation for the future of the Transformers series.

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