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DC’s Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor is Delayed

Get ready to wait a little longer for the next installment of DC’s Superman series, “The Last Days of Lex Luthor.” The highly anticipated second issue of the series, written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Bryan Hitch, has been pushed back yet again. Originally scheduled for release in December, there is currently no specific release date provided, indicating that fans may have to wait until at least February 2024 to get their hands on it. This delay comes after a previous setback, with the first issue selling out quickly and a second printing being canceled. Lead artist Bryan Hitch explains that the delay is due to the issue taking longer to complete and the first issue being published prematurely, leading to unrealistic expectations for the follow-up. Despite the wait, fans can look forward to a captivating story involving a dying Lex Luthor enlisting Superman’s help to find a cure for his mysterious illness.

DC’s Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor is Delayed

DC Pushes Back New Superman Series’ Second Issue – Again

If you’re eagerly awaiting the next issue of DC’s Superman series, “The Last Days of Lex Luthor,” you may have to wait a little longer. DC Comics has announced that the second issue of this highly anticipated series has been delayed once again. Originally slated for release in December, the publisher has not provided a specific release date for the issue. The current publishing schedule for early 2024 does not include the second issue, suggesting that it may not hit shelves until at least February 2024.

Bryan Hitch Explains Why Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor Isn’t Actually Late

The delay of the second issue of “Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor” comes after a previous setback with the first issue. The first issue, released in July, sold out quickly and was scheduled for a second printing. However, the second printing was ultimately canceled, adding to fans’ anticipation for the upcoming issues. Bryan Hitch, the lead artist of the series, has explained that the delay is partly due to the slow progress of the issue and the unrealistic expectations set by the premature release of the first issue.

Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor Premise

“Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor” is a collaboration between writer Mark Waid and artist Bryan Hitch. As the title suggests, the story revolves around Lex Luthor, Superman’s arch-nemesis, who is facing a mysterious illness that is rapidly deteriorating his health. In a surprising turn of events, Luthor enlists the help of Superman to find a cure for his condition. Despite their long history of conflict, Superman must put aside his differences with Luthor and join him on a journey across space and time to save his sworn enemy.

DC Comics Announces its New Line of Compact Comics

In addition to the delays surrounding “Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor,” DC Comics has made an exciting announcement. The publisher revealed its new line of compact comics, offering readers a more portable and convenient option for enjoying their favorite superhero stories. These compact comics will feature the same compelling narratives and stunning artwork, but in a smaller size that is perfect for on-the-go reading. DC fans can look forward to this innovative addition to the comic book world.

Hitch’s Artistic Style and Delays

Bryan Hitch is renowned for his highly detailed and stylized artwork, which has garnered him a dedicated fanbase. However, this intricate art style often requires more time and effort to create, leading to occasional delays in the release of his work. In the case of “Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor,” the second issue faced delays due to the time-consuming nature of Hitch’s artistic process. While fans may have to wait a bit longer for the next installment, they can expect the same visually stunning and immersive artwork that Hitch is known for.

Previous Delays in Bryan Hitch’s Work

This is not the first time Bryan Hitch’s work has experienced delays. In the past, series such as “Justice League America” and “The Authority” also faced postponements due to the intricacy of Hitch’s artistic style. In some instances, replacement artists were brought in to complete the books in a more timely manner. However, fans often expressed their disappointment with the change in artistry, highlighting the significant impact an artist’s style can have on fan reception.

Impact on Fan Reception

The delays in “Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor” may affect fan reception of the series. While many fans eagerly awaited the release of the second issue, the repeated postponements may lead to frustration and dwindling excitement. However, true fans of the series, understanding the demanding nature of Hitch’s art style, may still eagerly anticipate the upcoming issue despite the delays. The unique premise of the series, with Superman and Lex Luthor forced to work together, is also likely to generate continued interest and discussion among fans.

Current Status and Release Date of Issue #2

As of now, DC Comics has not provided a specific release date for the second issue of “Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor.” The absence of the issue from the early 2024 publishing schedule suggests that fans may have to wait until at least February 2024 to continue the story. However, it’s important to remember that these delays are ultimately aimed at ensuring the highest artistic quality of the series. Patience will be rewarded with an exceptional continuation of the intriguing narrative and stunning artwork that the series promises.

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In conclusion, while the delay of the second issue of “Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor” may be disappointing for fans, it is crucial to remember the dedication to artistic quality and the intricate nature of Bryan Hitch’s work. The delay provides an opportunity for fans to build anticipation and excitement for the continuation of this unique series, which explores the complex dynamic between Superman and his greatest enemy, Lex Luthor. Keep an eye out for further updates on the release date, as DC Comics strives to deliver a visually stunning and emotionally impactful reading experience for its loyal readers.