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Can Robin Handle Babysitting…Wonder Robin!?

In this week’s Wonder Woman, Damian Wayne and Jon Kent find themselves facing a new challenge: babysitting Wonder Robin! As writer Tom King continues the epic storyline of Wonder Woman becoming an enemy combatant, he also introduces backup stories that delve into the life of Wonder Woman’s daughter, Trinity. In a flashback being told to Trinity in the future, we learn about Trinity’s time as Wonder Robin and how she teams up with Superman and Robin to fight crime while also dealing with the challenges of babysitting. With adorable and humorous moments, this issue showcases the dynamic between Damian, Jon, and Trinity, leaving readers eager to see what adventures await Wonder Robin in the future.

Wonder Woman #3: Introduction to the Storyline

Welcome to the exciting world of Wonder Woman! In Wonder Woman #3, writer Tom King takes us on a thrilling journey as Wonder Woman finds herself labeled as an enemy combatant by the United States government. This gripping storyline follows Wonder Woman’s fight for justice and her quest to clear her name. But that’s not all – this issue also features backup stories that delve into the life of Wonder Woman’s daughter, Trinity. Let’s dive in and discover what Wonder Woman #3 has in store for us!

Backup Stories in Wonder Woman #3

In addition to the main storyline, Wonder Woman #3 introduces backup stories that focus on the life of Trinity, Wonder Woman’s daughter. These backup stories serve as a flashback being told to Trinity years in the future. They fill in the gaps in Trinity’s backstory and provide a deeper understanding of her character. In this issue, we get a glimpse into Trinity’s time as Wonder Robin, a young crimefighter who embarks on daring adventures alongside Superman (Jon Kent) and Robin (Damian Wayne).

Trinity’s Backstory: Filling in the Gaps

Wonder Woman #3 offers readers a chance to learn more about Trinity’s childhood and her role as Wonder Robin. Written by Tom King, this issue brings us back in time when Trinity was just five years old. Superman and Robin are assigned the task of babysitting Trinity while Wonder Woman is away on a mission in another universe. It’s during this babysitting adventure that Trinity’s superhero journey really takes off.

Preview of Wonder Woman #3

Before we dive deeper into the storyline and backup stories, let’s take a look at a preview of Wonder Woman #3. This issue is full of excitement, action, and surprises. With stunning artwork by Daniel Sampere, vibrant colors by Tomeu Morey, and captivating lettering by Clayton Cowles, Wonder Woman #3 is a feast for the eyes. Get ready to be enthralled by the amazing storytelling and compelling visuals that await you in this issue.

The Legacy of Wonder Tot and Wonder Girl

In Wonder Woman #3, Tom King pays homage to classic stories featuring Wonder Tot and Wonder Girl. These iconic characters were introduced by Robert Kanigher, a highly respected writer who had a long tenure on the Wonder Woman series. Wonder Tot showcased Wonder Woman’s adventures as a young girl, while Wonder Girl highlighted her teenage years. Kanigher’s stories featuring Wonder Woman teaming up with Wonder Tot and Wonder Girl were beloved by readers. King draws inspiration from these stories and incorporates the essence of Wonder Tot and Wonder Girl into the character of Trinity.

King’s Homage to Wonder Tot

Tom King’s backup story in Wonder Woman #3 evokes the spirit of Robert Kanigher’s Wonder Tot tales. Set when Trinity is just five years old, this story captures the essence of Wonder Tot’s adventures. With the help of Superman and Robin, Trinity embarks on a memorable and exciting journey that showcases her bravery and determination. King’s homage to Wonder Tot is a delightful addition to the Wonder Woman universe.

Trinity’s Age: Five Years Old

Wonder Woman #3 takes us back to a time when Trinity was five years old. This early age marks the beginning of her heroic journey as Wonder Robin. Despite her young age, Trinity displays remarkable courage and a strong sense of justice. This storyline allows readers to witness her growth and development as a superhero in training.

Superman and Robin as Babysitters

In Wonder Woman #3, Superman (Jon Kent) and Robin (Damian Wayne) are tasked with babysitting Trinity while Wonder Woman is away. This unexpected responsibility thrusts them into a challenging situation, as they must balance their superhero duties with taking care of a young child. Superman and Robin’s unique dynamic adds humor and excitement to the story, creating a compelling narrative.

Conflicts and Challenges: Babysitting Lizzie

While babysitting Trinity, Superman and Robin encounter various conflicts and challenges. One of the main obstacles they face is Lizzie, a five-year-old who is not pleased with her mac and cheese meal. This conflict, coupled with Jon’s desire to handle a problem with a dam, results in Damian being left alone with Lizzie and her increased use of a curse word Damian frequently uses. The clash between Damian and Lizzie drives the story forward and presents engaging obstacles for our heroes.

Wonder Robin’s First Appearance

As Damian tries to salvage his babysitting experience, he decides to take Lizzie along on his patrol of Gotham City. With Lizzie dressed as Wonder Woman in a delightful mix of a Robin and Wonder Woman costume, she becomes Wonder Robin, an adorable sidekick to Damian. This marks Wonder Robin’s first appearance and sets the stage for her unexpected and thrilling adventure.

Wonder Robin’s Strength and Actions

Wonder Robin’s actions pack quite a punch, both literally and figuratively. Despite her young age, she possesses remarkable strength and agility, displaying abilities that surpass even her seasoned companion, Robin. Wonder Robin’s fearless and energetic actions create captivating and memorable moments throughout the story. Readers will be amazed by the extent of Wonder Robin’s powers and how she embraces her newfound role as a superhero.

The Consequences of Wonder Robin’s Actions

While Wonder Robin’s actions are impressive, they come with consequences. One of her powerful kicks inadvertently sends the infamous villain Killer Croc to the hospital. This unexpected outcome raises the stakes and adds complexity to the story. Damian and Jon find themselves grappling with the consequences of Wonder Robin’s actions and the potential fallout it may have on their roles as superheroes.

Damian and Jon’s Agreement: The Blackmail

In a twist of events, Damian and Jon end up blackmailing each other into agreeing never to reveal the details of their night babysitting Trinity to Wonder Woman. This mutual agreement highlights the challenges faced by Damian and Jon as they navigate the delicate balance between their superhero responsibilities and their duties as babysitters. It also sets the stage for future developments in the storyline, raising questions about the potential impact of their secret agreement.

Keeping Wonder Woman in the Dark

The agreement between Damian and Jon to keep Wonder Woman in the dark about the events of their babysitting adventure adds an air of mystery and suspense to the story. As readers, we are left wondering how Wonder Woman will react when she eventually learns the truth. This secret agreement promises to have far-reaching ramifications and adds an intriguing layer to the overall narrative.

Introduction to the Storyline

Wonder Woman #3 introduces a captivating storyline centering around Wonder Woman being labeled as an enemy combatant. This gripping tale, written by Tom King, explores Wonder Woman’s fight for justice and her quest to clear her name. It delves into the complexities of her character and showcases her unwavering determination to protect those in need.

Characters Involved in the Story

Wonder Woman #3 features an array of compelling characters. From Wonder Woman herself to Superman, Robin, and Trinity, each character plays a pivotal role in driving the narrative forward. Readers will become deeply invested in their journeys and be captivated by their interactions.

Backup Stories Exploring Trinity’s Backstory

Tom King’s backup stories in Wonder Woman #3 offer readers a glimpse into Trinity’s backstory. These stories fill in the gaps and provide a deeper understanding of Trinity’s character development. They shed light on her early experiences as Wonder Robin, showcasing her growth and maturation as a superhero.

Overview of Wonder Woman #3

Wonder Woman #3 presents an exciting and multifaceted storyline that combines political intrigue, action-packed sequences, and heartfelt moments. From Wonder Woman’s struggle against the United States government to Trinity’s adventures as Wonder Robin, this issue is jam-packed with thrilling content. Tom King’s masterful storytelling, combined with the stunning artwork, colors, and lettering, makes Wonder Woman #3 a must-read for fans of the character.

The Significance of Wonder Tot and Wonder Girl

Wonder Tot and Wonder Girl have a special place in the hearts of Wonder Woman fans. These iconic characters, introduced by Robert Kanigher, breathed new life into the Wonder Woman series. Wonder Tot represented Wonder Woman’s younger years, while Wonder Girl symbolized her teenage experiences. They added depth and dimension to the Wonder Woman universe, captivating readers with their unique stories and adventures.

King’s Inspiration from Classic Stories

Tom King draws inspiration from Robert Kanigher’s Wonder Tot stories, paying homage to their legacy in Wonder Woman #3. By incorporating elements of Wonder Tot and Wonder Girl into Trinity’s character, King honors the rich history of Wonder Woman. This tribute serves as a reminder of the enduring impact of these beloved characters and their contribution to the Wonder Woman mythos.

Trinity’s Childhood Adventures as Wonder Robin

Wonder Woman #3 takes readers on a journey through Trinity’s childhood adventures as Wonder Robin. This delightful and action-packed storyline showcases Trinity’s growth and development as a young superhero. It allows readers to witness her transformation from an innocent child into a courageous crimefighter.

The Role of Superman and Robin in Babysitting

Superman and Robin play a crucial role in babysitting Trinity during Wonder Woman’s absence. Their involvement adds humor, excitement, and complexity to the story. As well-known superheroes themselves, their struggles and challenges as babysitters create relatable and entertaining moments.

Challenges Faced by the Babysitters

The babysitting adventure in Wonder Woman #3 presents Superman and Robin with various challenges. From dealing with a picky eater to handling the responsibilities of crimefighting, these challenges test their patience and resolve. Readers will enjoy watching these beloved characters navigate the difficulties of babysitting while balancing their superhero duties.

Development of Wonder Robin’s Character

Wonder Woman #3 offers readers a glimpse into the development of Wonder Robin’s character. Through her actions and interactions, we witness her growth, courage, and determination. This storyline lays the foundation for her future adventures and sets the stage for her continued evolution as a superhero.

Wonder Robin’s Appearance and Abilities

Wonder Robin’s appearance is a unique blend of a Robin costume and a Wonder Woman costume, adorned with childlike purple kneepads and elbow pads. This adorable and distinctive outfit reflects her youthful exuberance and her desire to emulate her heroic counterparts. Wonder Robin’s abilities showcase her incredible strength and vitality, surpassing even the seasoned Robin.

Impact of Wonder Robin’s Actions

Wonder Robin’s actions have a profound impact on the story. Her powerful kick sends Killer Croc to the hospital, leading to unforeseen consequences. This unexpected turn of events further propels the narrative forward and adds a layer of complexity to Wonder Robin’s character.

Consequences for Robin and Superman

As a result of Wonder Robin’s actions, Robin and Superman find themselves grappling with the consequences of their choices. They must navigate the aftermath of Wonder Robin’s unintentional harm caused to Killer Croc. This development presents them with moral dilemmas and accentuates the challenges they face as superheroes.

Agreement between Damian and Jon

In a surprising turn of events, Damian and Jon mutually agree to keep the details of their babysitting adventure a secret from Wonder Woman. This agreement, born out of blackmail and necessity, sets the stage for future developments in the storyline. Damian and Jon’s pact adds tension and mystery to the narrative, leaving readers eager to discover the consequences of their decision.