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Batman Writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly Discuss the Twists of DC’s Outsiders

In the debut issue of DC’s Outsiders reboot, Batman writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly discuss the exciting twists that await readers in the series. The writers delve into the inspiration behind the story and the surprise twist featured in the first issue. They also explain why they chose to bring in a new character instead of using existing Outsiders members, Batwoman and Batwing. Lanzing and Kelly promise that every issue will provide more insight into the mysterious third character, Drummer, and how she will greatly impact the DC Universe. The duo also discuss how Outsiders reflects on the cultural significance and popularity of DC Comics characters in the 21st century. With intriguing insights and exciting new directions, Batman fans won’t want to miss the exciting twists in DC’s Outsiders.

The Surprise Twist in Outsiders #1

The debut issue of DC’s Outsiders reboot has taken the DC Universe by storm, adding a big twist to the superhero world. Fans are buzzing with excitement as they delve into this new series that promises to be a fresh and innovative take on the beloved characters. In this article, we will explore the inspiration behind the series and discuss some of the key elements that make this reboot so special.

The Inspiration Behind the Series

The decision to reboot Outsiders came after much deliberation from the publisher. They were faced with the challenge of finding the best place for two beloved characters, Batwoman and Luke Fox, in the comic book universe. Ultimately, the writers chose to position them as outsider figures in the Bat line, giving them a unique perspective and allowing their stories to unfold in a fresh and exciting way.

Choosing Batwoman and Luke Fox

Batwoman and Luke Fox were already established characters within the DC Universe, but the writers wanted to do something different with them. By making them outsiders in the Bat line, they could explore new dynamics and push these characters to their limits. This decision was made after careful consideration and research, ultimately leading to a storyline that fans are eager to explore.

Introducing the Third Character

Rather than relying solely on the established members of the Outsiders team, the writers made the bold choice to introduce a new character. This deliberate decision allows for new dynamics and storylines to unfold, providing readers with fresh perspectives and unexpected twists. Drawing inspiration from Planetary in the WildStorm universe, the writers found references for the three-character dynamic and are excited to delve into this uncharted territory.

The Importance of Drummer

One of the standout characters in Outsiders is Drummer, a mysterious and intriguing figure. The writers made a conscious decision to create her as an older woman, paying tribute to their own families and the strong women in their lives. Drummer’s role in the series is integral, and her impact on the DC Universe will be felt throughout the storyline. Each issue promises to reveal more about Drummer’s character and her significance in the grand scheme of things.

Outsiders as a Continuation and Counterpoint to Planetary

While Outsiders draws inspiration from Planetary, it also offers a unique and fresh perspective on the DC Universe. Planetary deconstructed 20th-century fiction, examining its impact on our culture. In contrast, Outsiders focuses solely on the DC Universe’s impact and explores why certain characters are popular while others are not. This allows readers to delve into the world of DC Comics in a way that reflects the media literacy of the 21st century.

Exploring the DC Universe’s Impact

DC Comics has had a profound impact on popular culture, and its characters have become beloved icons. In Outsiders, the writers aim to reflect on the significance of these characters and explore why certain ones resonate with audiences, while others may not have the same level of popularity. This in-depth exploration invites readers to question their own understanding of the DC Universe and the reasons behind their own attachments to certain characters.

Brave Questioning and Bruce’s Reaction

In order to push the boundaries of storytelling, the writers of Outsiders are diving into unknown territory and asking important questions. They aim to challenge the status quo and explore new possibilities, even if it means facing the potential backlash from die-hard fans. With Batman being such a central figure in the DC Universe, it’s natural to wonder how Bruce Wayne will react to the bold approach of the writers. Hopefully, his reaction will be both understanding and supportive, as their intentions are to enrich the DC Universe and push its boundaries.

Availability of Outsiders #1

Fans can now get their hands on the highly anticipated Outsiders #1, available from DC Comics. This exciting debut issue sets the stage for an incredible journey that promises to captivate readers and breathe new life into the DC Universe. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this thrilling adventure.

In conclusion, the surprise twist in Outsiders #1 has brought a fresh and innovative take on the DC Universe. The writers’ inspiration and careful decision-making have led to the creation of a series that promises to challenge the conventions of superhero storytelling. With an array of intriguing characters and a unique perspective on the DC Universe, Outsiders is a must-read for any comic book fan. Grab your copy today and prepare to be captivated by this exciting new series.