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Batman: Red Hood Returns to Gotham’s Most Dangerous Neighborhood

In the latest six-issue series from DC Comics, Batman’s former sidekick, Jason Todd, returns as the Red Hood and finds himself in one of Gotham’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Led by writer Shawn Martinbrough and artist Sanford Green, Red Hood: The Hill takes place in a neighborhood facing gentrification while vigilantes strive to maintain safety. Jason Todd, now residing in this perilous area, dons the Red Hood persona, teaming up with another vigilante known as Strike to protect the town. This intriguing new series picks up after the Joker War, promising an intense story filled with action and suspense.


In exciting news for comic book fans, DC Comics has announced a new six-issue series featuring Red Hood, one of Gotham City’s most notorious vigilantes. Titled “Red Hood: The Hill,” this series will delve into the dangerous neighborhood of the Hill and explore themes of gentrification and vigilante activity. The series will be written by Shawn Martinbrough and feature artwork by Sanford Green. The first issue is set to release on Tuesday, Feb. 13, with a special prequel issue, “Red Hood: The Hill #0,” collecting Red Hood #51-52, providing backstory for the series.

Red Hood Returns to Gotham’s Most Dangerous Neighborhood

“Red Hood: The Hill” brings Jason Todd, a.k.a. Red Hood, back to Gotham City and places him in the heart of the Hill, one of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Todd, who recently relocated to the area, takes up the mantle of Red Hood to combat the rising crime and protect the town alongside another vigilante known as Strike. As readers follow Todd’s journey through this treacherous community, they will witness his struggles against the forces of gentrification and the rising tide of criminal activity.

New Six-Issue Series

With the announcement of “Red Hood: The Hill,” fans can rejoice at the prospect of a new six-issue series dedicated to one of DC Comics’ most complex and intriguing characters. This series promises to delve deeper into Red Hood’s psyche and motivations, providing readers with a compelling narrative that explores not only the dangers of the Hill but also the internal struggles and moral dilemmas faced by its titular hero. Each issue will present a new chapter in Red Hood’s ongoing quest to maintain law and order in Gotham’s most perilous corners.

Writer and Artist

The talented duo of Shawn Martinbrough and Sanford Green have been tapped to bring “Red Hood: The Hill” to life. Martinbrough, known for his work on various DC titles, brings a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring a captivating and well-crafted story. Green, an acclaimed artist, will provide stunning visuals that enhance the gritty and dangerous atmosphere of the Hill. With these two creators at the helm, readers can expect a masterfully executed series that does justice to the character of Red Hood and the world he inhabits.

Release Date

Fans eager to get their hands on “Red Hood: The Hill” won’t have to wait long. The first issue of the series is scheduled for release on Tuesday, Feb. 13. This highly anticipated debut will set the stage for a gripping and action-packed storyline, promising an exciting start to this new adventure within the Batman universe.

Setting: The Hill

The Hill serves as the backdrop for “Red Hood: The Hill,” providing a unique and dangerous setting for the series. This neighborhood, known for its high crime rates and poverty, has long been a hotbed for criminal activity in Gotham City. However, with the creeping effects of gentrification, the Hill finds itself in the midst of rapid change. As businesses and affluent residents move in, old tensions arise, creating a volatile environment that only Red Hood can navigate.

Gentrification and Vigilante Activity in The Hill

As gentrification takes hold in the Hill, the community undergoes a transformation that impacts both the residents and the criminal element. Displaced families and struggling businesses face new challenges, while the influx of wealth attracts a new breed of criminals seeking to exploit the changing dynamics. Amidst this chaos, Red Hood emerges as a beacon of hope, using his unique blend of justice and violence to protect the vulnerable and maintain a fragile balance in the neighborhood.

Jason Todd Takes on the Mantle of Red Hood

Following his recent move to the Hill, Jason Todd assumes the mantle of Red Hood once again. Todd, who has a long history as one of Gotham’s violent vigilantes, has faced numerous trials and tribulations throughout his crime-fighting career. From his untimely demise at the hands of the Joker to his resurrection and subsequent struggle for redemption, Todd’s journey has been marked by trauma and personal growth. Becoming Red Hood allows him to channel his pain and anger into a force for good, serving as a symbol of hope for the community.

Backstory: Red Hood #51-52

To provide readers with context and insight into Red Hood’s current situation, DC Comics will be releasing a special prequel issue, “Red Hood: The Hill #0.” This issue will collect Red Hood #51-52, which delves into the aftermath of the Joker War, a pivotal event in Gotham City’s history. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the choices and struggles that have led Jason Todd to the Hill, setting the stage for the main series to come.


“Red Hood: The Hill” is poised to be a thrilling and immersive series that explores the complexities of Gotham City’s most dangerous neighborhood. With an expert creative team, a compelling setting, and a rich backstory, this new six-issue series promises to captivate readers and shed light on the darker corners of Gotham’s underworld. Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled ride as Red Hood fights against the forces of crime and gentrification, determined to protect the people of the Hill. Don’t miss out on this exciting addition to the Batman universe. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, Feb. 13, and get ready to experience the latest chapter in Red Hood’s ongoing saga.