Who We Are

Holland Publishing is the intersection where avid readers and aspiring writers converge. We curate an exquisite collection of best sellers, coupled with insightful reviews that guide your next reading choice. Our dedication extends beyond just books; we’re committed to fostering the growth of writers, offering resources on the nuances of writing and the dynamic world of publishing. 

Stay abreast with the latest industry news, discover hidden literary gems, and ignite your passion for creativity and literature. At Holland Publishing, we’re not just sharing books; we’re building a community.

About Brad

I’m a creative digital content creator based in the suburban Pacific Northwest. With a passion for design and books. I specialize in web design and graphic design, constantly pushing boundaries to bring innovative concepts to life.

Married and a proud father, I find inspiration in my loving family. When I’m not immersed in my work, you’ll find me cheering for my favorite baseball team or on the golf course.
Nature’s beauty in this region fuels my creativity, making it an ideal place to bring my digital and print creations to life.

  • Pacific Northwest Native
  • Loves Creativity