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In “3.5-STAR REVIEW: FINDING THE ZODIAC KILLER by David Daniel,” the notorious unsolved murder case of the Zodiac Killer is said to have been solved within three to seven seconds. Author David Daniel claims to have cracked the ciphers and clues sent by the killer, revealing his identity after over 50 years of searching. Through a non-traditional approach, Daniel uses chunks of information, photos, and reproductions of the killer’s messages to recreate the story. While the book’s focused approach could have been more effective in consolidating the information, it presents compelling evidence and raises intriguing questions. “Finding the Zodiac Killer” offers a fresh perspective on one of America’s most perplexing mysteries.


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Publication Date: October 14, 2023


Finding the Zodiac Killer by David Daniel is a book that delves into the identity of one of America’s most notorious serial killers. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Zodiac Killer terrorized Northern California with a series of murders and cryptic letters. The author, David Daniel, claims to have solved the mystery of the Zodiac’s identity through his decryption of the killer’s ciphers. The book takes a non-traditional format, incorporating photographs, reproductions of the letters, and detailed analysis of the symbols left behind by the killer. Daniel asserts that within two minutes, he had confirmed the Zodiac’s secret identity multiple times.

Author’s Background


David Daniel has a history of making successful predictions in the true crime genre. In the 1970s, he accurately predicted that the Hillside Strangler was actually two individuals and that they were stepbrothers or step cousins. He also predicted the location of another serial killer, the Grim Sleeper, who was found three houses down from the corner Daniel had identified. His track record of accurate predictions lends credibility to his claims about finding the Zodiac Killer’s identity.

Previous Work

Daniel has previously written a book called “The Mentalist Code and the Search for Red John,” which explores his deciphering of codes and anagrams in the TV series “The Mentalist” to reveal the identity of the fictional character Red John. His ability to uncover hidden messages and secrets in various contexts demonstrates his expertise in code-breaking and cryptography.

Book Format and Content

Non-Traditional Format

“Finding the Zodiac Killer” takes a unique approach to its format. Rather than presenting information in a traditional paragraph form, the book uses chunks of information, photographs of the victims, and reproductions of the Zodiac Killer’s letters. This non-traditional format allows readers to engage with the evidence and clues directly, enhancing their understanding of the case and the author’s analysis.

Photographs and Reproductions

The inclusion of photographs of the victims and reproductions of the Zodiac Killer’s letters adds a visual element to the book. By seeing the faces of the victims and examining the actual letters, readers can develop a deeper connection to the crimes and the investigation. The inclusion of these visual elements also helps to authenticate the author’s analysis and conclusions.

Ciphers and Clues

One of the key aspects of “Finding the Zodiac Killer” is Daniel’s analysis of the ciphers and clues left by the Zodiac Killer. He meticulously dissects each cipher and points out the hidden clues that reveal the killer’s identity. By presenting this analysis, Daniel aims to provide readers with a clear understanding of how he arrived at his conclusion and to convince them that he has indeed solved the mystery.


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Author’s Claim

Confirmation of Zodiac’s Identity

The central claim of “Finding the Zodiac Killer” is that David Daniel has confirmed the secret identity of the Zodiac Killer. Through his decryption of the killer’s ciphers and his analysis of the symbols and clues, Daniel asserts that he has definitively uncovered the killer’s true identity. This claim has significant implications for the decades-long search for the Zodiac and could potentially bring closure to the victims’ families and the wider community.

Response from Law Enforcement

As of the publication of “Finding the Zodiac Killer,” there has not been a public response from law enforcement regarding David Daniel’s research and conclusions. However, Daniel notes that while there may not have been an official response, he believes his analysis of the ciphers and clues presents compelling evidence for his claims. The book raises the question of how law enforcement will respond to Daniel’s findings and whether they will further investigate his discoveries.


Focused Approach

One aspect that could have strengthened “Finding the Zodiac Killer” is a more focused approach to consolidating information. The book presents a wealth of evidence, analysis, and theories related to the Zodiac Killer, which can be overwhelming for readers. A more streamlined and structured presentation of the information would have enhanced the cohesion of the book and made it easier for readers to follow the author’s thought process.

Cohesion of Information

Despite the abundance of information, David Daniel’s analysis and research are well-presented and cohesive. He walks readers through the process of deciphering the ciphers and provides ample evidence to support his conclusions. The inclusion of photographs and reproductions adds another layer of cohesion to the book, allowing readers to visually connect with the evidence and follow along with the author’s analysis.

Themes and Analysis

The Killer’s Symbols and Letters

One of the central themes of “Finding the Zodiac Killer” is the analysis of the symbols and letters left by the Zodiac Killer. David Daniel meticulously dissects the messages, pointing out hidden patterns, codes, and clues that reveal the identity of the killer. Through his analysis, he examines the underlying meaning behind the killer’s symbols, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the psychological and symbolic elements of the crimes.

Solving a Top Unsolved Mystery

“Finding the Zodiac Killer” offers readers the satisfaction of finally solving one of America’s top unsolved mysteries. For over 50 years, the identity of the Zodiac Killer has baffled law enforcement and the general public. David Daniel’s claim to have cracked the ciphers and identified the killer’s true identity provides closure to a case that has haunted the nation for decades. The book offers readers the opportunity to join in the excitement of finally solving a long-standing mystery.


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About the Author

Author’s Background and Previous Works

David Daniel has a history of making successful predictions in the true crime genre. He accurately predicted the identities of the Hillside Strangler and the Grim Sleeper in the past. He has also deciphered codes and solved clues in the TV series “The Mentalist.” Daniel’s previous work, “The Mentalist Code and the Search for Red John,” explored his decryption of codes in the TV series. His upcoming book, “The Code: The Secret Code Hidden in the English Language,” details his discovery of a hidden code within the English language.

Upcoming Book Release

David Daniel’s upcoming book, “The Code: The Secret Code Hidden in the English Language,” is set to be released in the coming weeks. The book delves into his discovery of a secret code embedded within the English language, promising shocking revelations. Readers can look forward to another captivating exploration of cryptography and code-breaking from David Daniel.

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